27 03 2012 Happy World

We are off to Ponyland Norddeich again! 

My kids are excited to take care of their "own" Pony for a week. 

We found out about this magical Pony universe last year thru a book called "Unser Ponyhof". The authentic story takes place and is photographed right at Ponyland Norddeich.

Out of 80 available Ponys, my eight year old horse lover girl was chosen to take care of a Shetland pony named "Bronco" who is one of the featured ponys from the book!

Can you imagine, how lucky and happy she was?

Heaven on Earth... Well - I enjoy her joy...

They are the cute little couple in the middle! 

Off they go for a beach ride...

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Isn't that a crazy gigantic beach? 

Do you have any plans for spring break?