Copenhagen - Outside Colors

09 04 2012 Happy World

Mostly grey sky and still really cold temperatures but beautiful outside color expressions on our Copenhagen family trip.

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Next post I'll show you my danish inside finds and a GIVE AWAY I brought home for you from Copenhagen!

Have you been visiting northern Europe yet? 


16 05 2012
Ombre Chrochet
Copenhagen was nice - but really cold... Luckily I took my winter jacket but no cap or scarf because spring was supposed to be in the air. Of course, scarfs were available for purchase, but they were made out of cooling cotton because...spring was suppo
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28 09 2012
A Visit To The Vikings
Last April we went to Copenhagen as you might already now from my recent posts about it here and here. But I haven't shared pictures from our visit at the Viking Ship Museum located in Roskilde, a 45min car ride from Copenhagen. Today&nbsp
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