Leather Bracelet DIY

04 07 2012 DIY

Could someone PLEASE rescue me??? 

I have so much fun weaving these leather bracelets that I can't stop it!

In fact - I have so many by now that I'm happy to give some away.

So - If you like to have one let me know!  

(They are all gone - have fun wearing them...)

But if you rather get your own infection, here is how I made them:

(Don't say I haven't warned you....)

I got 1 meter long leather cord and cut it in half. This length fits my wrist nicely but you might want to start your first one with a longer piece to figure out your personal perfect length.

Next you need some sort of colored string and a bead with a large enough hole to fit all endings through. I got all supplies at my local crafts store.

Start folding your leather in an exact half. Tie your colored string around it with a knot to form a nice loop. Wrap around a few times making sure you tuck the endings. Cut off the rest of endings.

Now start weaving in a figure-8 pattern around your two leather cords. Stop a few inches from the end.

Again wrap a few times around tightly and secure with a knot. Place a drop of glue onto the knot and cut the string ends.

Add the bead and another knot - you are ready to go!!!

Another one, right?

XOXO, Anette 

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