Trompe L-Oeil Bangles

05 09 2012 DIY

Here comes a little 'fool the eye' DIY - or - much more fitting - 'wink the eye', because this interpretation of a Trompe L'Oeil is meant witty and playful and does not really intend to pretend perspectively existing space. Here is also a fun example with this idea for a living space or play area.

I found a template for the chains to download at Martha Stewart.

At first I thought to use graphite paper to exactly transfer the drawings onto the wooden hoops but it seemed really cumbersome so I simply started copying the pattern with a gold and copper pen right onto the bangle. The template is very helpful - especially for drawing the closures. Finish with a coat of acrylic varnish for protection. I'm loving the combination of natural with a bit well-mesured metal accent a lot lately.

Have fun winking!

Love, Anette 

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