Diamonds Are A Girls best Friend...

26 09 2012 DIY

Well - not really...but when I stumbled upon this 3D Diamond template I figured I could fold a big, fat copper gem.

I had left over foil from this DIY and managed to fold the shape but I have to say it's somewhat tricky with the thin metal sheet. It easily gets dings and marks where you don't want them and the whole piece seems to have a live on it's own. So, I really recommend using paper.

I have worked with diamonds creating jewelry in the early days of my business but I'm staying away from it since mining for diamonds is a really cruel and corrupt business in my view.

While there are supposed to be jewels from ethically ok mining projects I have not looked into that - because there are so many other beautiful materials to work and be creative with, just like the recycled silver that I use for my jewelry.

Sparkly moments for all of you - all my best, Anette

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