Barefoot running

11 05 2011 Happy World

 Speaking of shoes...

Last fall i got introduced to running WITHOUT shoes. Yes, not that i wasn't aware of the concept of being barefoot. I love it. On sunny days, in sunny California, on sunny beaches.....nothing worse then being stuck with shoes in this kind of environment. But last fall, that was in icy cold Germany, beginning of November, just a tiny bit above 0 degrees!

I was really worried my toes would go numb and fall off or i would end up with pneumonia or at least a cold i would carry with me into the new year or other horrifying scenarios BUT instead got the gift of being able to run as free and liberated and as far as never before with beautiful rosy, warm feet and toes! I could not believe, that there would be such a difference  in the running experience. I mean, if i pick up my old runners i would say they weigh as much as almost

nothing. Well, i can't explain it to you scientifically, all i can say : 'It is a great feeling' - you might want to try it yourself. Most fun is to run on soft terrain like grass, forrests, shoreline - basically same as running with shoes, or do you really like running on asphalt? And with springtime around you don't have to even share my worries.......

If you feel like wanting a bit more protection, for example in a Forrest,check out VIBRAMS FIVE FINGERS, another great company with a fun product!