Spring Is Here!!!

30 04 2012 Happy World


Enjoy dancing into May, loved ones...

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Rituals - Roots And Wings Included

26 04 2012

Before the day starts I do yoga every morning!


I TRY to do Yoga every morning... 

It's actually so much easier to do it every morning as a ritual, because then these stupid conversations inside your head, whether this or that would be more urgent to do than doing yoga, are simply swept under the mat. 

Yoga IS goodforyouandyourbodyandyourhealthandtheuniverse - so let's do it!

With Yogis Anonymous or Yoga Easy or a great DVD or in your favorite yoga studio or just you and yourself - everything works - and with regularity comes ritual.

According to Constanze Kleis, rituals can give us something truly amazing: roots and wings simultaneously. Psychologist figured out the true potential of rituals. They are a sort of base camp for feelings and are identified as the most important stabilizing factor in families as well as bringing forth and fostering creativity, imagination and awakening.


Well - that's totally worth it, right?

Do you have any rituals? 

Chocolate Bread With Chili Cheese - Post Aus Meiner Küche

24 04 2012 DIY

"Post aus meiner Küche" is a great event where - this time -  chocolate creations are being shipped throughout the country this week. I chose to do a Raspberry - Hibiscus - Chocolate spread and a Cocoa - Baguette for Martina from Mathilda-Kuchen im Glas, my partner in crime.

To make up for my less then stellar cooking skills I figured to stick with simple recipes, but exquisite ingredients: 

Maracaibo Classico 65% - WOW - doesn't that sound magical??? Found it Here ...

250 gr Raspberry (fresh or frozen)

200 gr Maracaibo Classico

3 EL Hibiscus leaves

50 gr Cane sugar   

1/2 TL old Aceto Balsamico (next time, I would increase that amount)

Crush the leaves. Gently cook Raspberrys, sugar and the crushed Hibiscus for 2 min. Strain through a sieve and add chocolate and balsamico. Stir until chocolate is melted. The warmth of the berry sirup should be sufficient to melt the chocolate - if not, fill another bowl with warm water (not too hot!) for a water bath.

Fill! Cool! Enjoy! (I licked out the bowl - D I V I N E...) 

The receipt worked very well - I only worry that the spread might be not soft enough since the berry's didn't produce a lot juice... M A R T I N A...bear with me, please... :-)

To accompany the spread I wanted to bake a cocoa-bread baguette style. I searched the net and surprisingly it wasn't easy to find a recipe which didn't turn out a cake-like (instead of my desired baguette-like) chocolate bread.

This one is close to what I dreamt of:

150 gr flour

150 ml warm water

10 gr yeast (I used a third of a fresh block)

mix and let sit for 30 min

Then add:

350 gr flour

1 tsp salt

70 gr sugar (I used less...)

50 gr cocoa (I used more...)

70 gr soft butter (I used olive oil instead - remember: baguette-style...)

ca. 175 ml warm water

mix into pre-dough, knead well, let it rest for another half hour. Form two breads and put them on a greased sheet. Let it raise for 1 hour, wet the surface slightly and bake ca. 35 min at 175 degrees. 

We instantly savored the still warm cocoa bread with butter - and - really nifty - topped it with Chili cheese! Y U M M Y !!!

Mantra Meaning And Musing Part 1

19 04 2012 Goldsmithing

When I moved from southern California to a rural village in northern Germany, my yoga classmates transformed from Hollywood celebrities and world-class teachers to cats and computers.

Also, lately there is definitely a lack of Mantras going on during my every day morning practice...One scraggy breathed "Om" along the hardwood floors...Spirituality? - are you there???

Well - uhm - I just keep warming up then for now...

....and show you three of my favorite Mantras: 

'So Hum':Symbolizes life's steady rhythm and energy. Breathing in, the sound 'soooo' emanates - breathing out the sound 'hummm' leaves the body. Easy to hear without even saying the words. Just consciously breathe through the nose and there it is...

'Om Namaste': 'Om' THE cosmic ur-sound, applied since thousands of years to harmonize body, soul and spirit and to manifest oneness and connectedness within each and everything. 'Namaste' - I'm sure you know - is a greeting- and worship gesture and symbolizes as well all-embracing oneness.

'Om Mani Padme Hum': 'Om' and 'Hum' stand for beginning and end; 'Mani Padme' invokes the Absolute. Freely interpreted it's a Mantra for Wisdom and Compassion.

Next time I'll show you three more mantras.

Usually mantras are sung or recited at the beginning and end of a yoga session. That could be a "simple" 'Om' or more elaborate and longer Sanskrit texts or chants. Unfortunately that's already too much for some. Too much Spirituality - too much Meditation - too much weirdness - to much yoga fuss...

Everyone needs to make up it's own mind - for me it's actually not too important to know the exact meaning or translation of a mantra - I just welcome and embrace these magical, strange sounds and words with an open mind. It's about taking in it's awesome sound energy: Invigorating, harmonizing and relaxing!

Actually all forms of singing are pleasant, comforting and really healthy. Even the planets are humming in certain frequencies! Do you hear the beat under your feet??? :-)


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