Good Mood Enhancer

31 05 2012 Happy World

What an amazing time of the year! Natures abundance in full bloom. Enchanting blossoms everywhere - so pretty - so lush - an instant good mood enhancer - for free! :-)

More beautiful flowers at : was eigenes

XOXO, Anette 

Dolfie - Imagine Peace - Choose Love

25 05 2012 Happy World

New shoes in the house! Bought at this sale -  I hadn't even heard about this fun Barcelona based company before! 

Dolfies website is creatively done and the history tells a bit more about their great spirit. 

I love them - just had to change the colors of the beads a bit to my liking...

Dolfie picsPin It

What is your opinion? Original or pimped?

XOXO, Anette