Friday Questions - Inspirational Answers

31 08 2012

1.) Where have you been last weekend? I did jump into the ocean! (image by:tread.lightly)

2.) Any special feelings right now? (image by:Netties Expressions)

3.) Better nobody knows... (image

4.) Beautiful quote? (image by:Workisnotajob

5.) Best ice-cream? NO more ice-cream - I want Champagne now :-) !!! (image by:Rockett St.George

More answers collects Steffi... 

Have an inspired weekend!

Love, Anette 


29 08 2012 DIY

Garlands Garland everywhere! What a cute trend - I really like it. So happy and cheerful...

Perfect for some left over material. Do you remember these prints from my necklace tutorial?

Have a lovely day, Anette 

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You Are Fab

27 08 2012 Thinking About

(image by feelgood ink)

Y  E S - You are!!!

Creating, shaping and rocking familiy, job, sports, spiritual and social activities and the thousand little and big adventures in between these areas.

Making your and your loved ones life rich and meaningful.

Wild life - isn't it?

You are awesome and truly faboulus! 

XOXO, Anette 

Lizards Mouth In Santa Barbara

24 08 2012

 Friday Questions - special answers...

1.) Picture of the week?

2.) Sometimes I wish I could...? 

3.) What did you finally do? Enjoying the view! 

4.) Someone really special?                                               5.) What did you buy to give away? Water for thirsty children...

Nature is such an incredible awesome gift to all of us - take a break, go out and enjoy with all senses.

Have a wonderful weekend and find more Friday questions and answers here.

XOXO, Anette