Pinterest Picks In Grey

08 10 2012 Thinking About

I'm a BIG Pinterestfan.

So many great pictures! For me it's almost becoming a replacement for those expensive home and lifestyle magazines.

I would love to put together these collages all the time if there wouldn't be the tedious search for the origin of a pic.

That's really elaborate and even if you have done that work it's still uncertain if it's o.k. to post without personally asking for permission, I guess. There are horrible story's out there about suing and fines...

So - I'm not really sure about how to do this best... What is your take and opinion on this topic? 

1.  Yellows

2.  April and May

3. Marimekko

4. Paqhuis 

5. Gudrun Arndt

6. X-Podesign

7. Leif

8. Kismet Tile

9. Littala (ahhh - I ordered these glasses - I think they are so beautiful!)

8. April and May 

I thought my love of grey is fairly new but I just saw that I had already a post about it last year.

There is a picture of our cat Blitzi and me in the post. He has been very sick this year with a mistreated infection. Pour yellow-eyed boy...but he's all better now. I'm really thankful for that.

Wishing you health and happiness, 



04 10 2012 Thinking About

Right after I moved to Southern California I got this strong feeling: "This is IT - I will never ever leave this great place"

And why should I?  Always sunny and relaxed easy peasy wonderful living...

What I didn't count in where my roots. Until they were starting to slowly but persistently pull me back to my home country Germany I didn't even know that I have something like roots.

After years I finally gave in and moved back to where I was born. Flat land - highly farmed because of the fertile soil - not a really pretty part of Germany - but...home. 

More home is collected by Luzia Pimpinella

Have a wonderful day,