Zwischen Den Jahren - Between The Years...

27 12 2012

Please this way to a... 

...Happy New Year!!! :-)

Greetings from Austria,


P.S. Partyoutfit not complete? Please look here!

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Crochet - Bangle

24 12 2012 DIY

Save the ribbons!

For a fun and sparkly New Year's Eve Bling Bling. 

All you need is about 8-9 meters of gold or silver ribbon or cord, a crochet hook size 10mm or 12mm and a few minutes.

Chain about 16 to 20 (depends on the thickness of the ribbon and the size of your wrist and hand) and join with a slip stitch.

1st round:

slip stitch

2nd round: 

single crochet in back loops only

3rd round:

again single crochet in back loops only but skip along the round two stitches to create a nice arch.

Knot endings.

Pull and push gently to form a nice bangle.

e Voilá - PARTY!!!



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A Surprise Gift

23 12 2012

...from Die Raumfee - so beautiful - so magical...

Thanks so much dear Katja for your Murmeleichenfeenkette!!!

Happy fourth advent,


FFF - Best Wishes

21 12 2012

1.) What would you like to say before the year ends? A BIG GIGANT THANK YOU to all my lovely readers and visitors here at lebenslustiger for stopping by, commenting, e-mailing and for just being so wonderful nice, friendly and supportive.

2.) How are you these days? Happily looking forward to the holiday break...         3.) A gift to myself? Flowers! often!

4.) What will you eat the next days? We will go to the mountains in Austria - so - lot's of really yummy food will be on my plate...

5.) And now? Wishing you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a wonderful next year - LOVE TO ALL!!!


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