Parental Guidance..

11 02 2013

.. is a new family comedy with Billy Crystal, Marisa Tomei and Bette Midler among others, and will release in German theaters on February 28th.

Except for some Sonnentor give away posts in 2011 and 2012 I have never done a sponsored post here on the blog. So this is a first for me.

But as I really had a good laugh while I watched this trailer I thought you would enjoy it as well. I actually felt quite at home with the clip, but let me describe it to you first:

Comedy star and comedian Billy Crystal leads a story of the grandparents Artie and Diane, who agreed to babysit their grandchildren for a while. Really a no brainer, if not for the large gap in gene ratios: with her lovable but old-fashioned education, they take on the hectic and playful nature of the children who turn their lives literally on their heads. While making a lot of fun of itself the film plays with the typical quirks of generations, to then come to the conclusion: family is best after all! Next to  Billy Crystal  Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei and Tom Everett Scott are starring.

As some of you know, I have two children myself. They are already nine and thirteen years old. When they were young I tried really hard to keep them away from sugary foods, fast food, television, computer etc. I think that's actually quite normal, because you want to protect them. Only can this ambition quickly slip into an extreme of worrying too much. Suddenly a harmless Lolly - often offered to children everywhere - becomes a dangerous hazard in your well-meaning eyes. Back then I thought nobody has a clue but me. Only I knew what was best for my children. That an UNHAPPILY chewed big pile of vegetables everyday probably does more harm than good - that idea would have never occurred to me.

Babysitters, grandparents and even my husband - the father of my children - were watched skeptical by me. What a stressful time made up by myself... 

As long as children are small, is is easy to keep them "on your little island" but the older they get the more they become a part of our colorful and diverse community and that is a good thing because it made me realize that we all have a live to life and there is no such thing than the "right" way. Of course parents should never stop striving to raise their children as best as they can possible do but you definitely can't buy health, wellbeing and happiness for them because you provide plenty of bags of raw sprouts and wooden blocks :)

We still eat mostly organic foods in our family but it's important to stay relaxed and not lose sight of the even more important things in life. 

My most important lesson about parenting after all these years is : have CONFIDENCE! In the children and in live generally.

With all the good things that we do with and for our children, a seed is planted, and when time is right and a little rain water had come, that seed will prosper into a beautiful flourishing life.

Happy Monday!


PS: the video below needs flash and does not play on an iPad - for iPad users: