Late Easter Eggs And Confessions

02 04 2013

Better late than never, right? :)

I actually had not planed to show you these eggs we spontaneously made Sunday afternoon while having tea and cake but i like how they turned out and thought you might like them too...

I blew out about 10 eggs in the morning (so we had plenty of yummy scrambled easter eggs...), rinsed them well and dried them on the heater.

When I went into my studio in the afternoon to grab a few markers from my desk for coloring the eggs I found this Candle-Liner I had bought before Christmas. It was hidden under a stack of stuff! (Confession: I am a really chaotic person - you do NOT want to see my desk...)

This unfortunately happens a lot to me. I live on the countryside and when I finally get to go to the city's craft-shop, I tend to buy a lot of things because seeing all the supplies out there gets me all excited and many new ideas come to my head. Then I get home and there are always a thousand other things I have to do first before i can get crafty and life goes on and other ideas come and so I just forget what I actually wanted to do in first place and this is how some supplies get buried under stuff...I hope, that sounds familiar to at least a couple of you...

Anyway - this Candle-Liner is basically liquid paint wax and it's intended to decorate candles. It comes out of the "pen" in a medium line and you can easily draw a pattern with it. It is all white and soft first and needs to dry for an hour or so. Depends on the thickness. I drew some feather designs in literally seconds.

Yes, I could have just used glitter medium and glitter for this project or a glitter pen but the Liner was so much less messy and not runny! And I also like that the design is only gently glittered.

easter eggs with feather ornament easter eggs with feather ornament

Easter egg with feather ornament Easter egg with feather ornament

Happy Day and have fun with Creadienstag