12 From 12 June

12 06 2013

This month I did not forget about this fun link party @ Frau Kännchen's!

Today I ...

Greeted the sun

Found lost Rom pictures while looking for something else in my archives

Had a healthy breakfast 

Did load the washer - after being looked at reproachfully

Worked on a blog give away for this weekend 

Ate salad without onion flowers

Had a healthy lunch

Was jealous as usual looking at my lazy cats

Have been happy for flowers 

Paeonia, Pfingstrose Rom

Fruit selection, Früchteauswahl Fruit selection, Früchteauswahl

cat, Katze bracelet with geometric beads and tassel,Armband mit geometrischen Perlen und Quaste

bowl of salad, Schüssel mit Salat onion flower, Schnittlauchblüte

potatoes with quark, Kartoffeln mit Quark sleeping cat, schlafende Katze

sleeping cats, schlafende Katzen flowers

What you don't see:

Lot's of real work in-between :)

Happy day,