Thankful For Extrem Knitting

30 01 2014

"What are you thankful for in January?" - Is Nics' question for todays BIWYFI photo project.

Right now I am thankful to be creative - even in the midst of packing seven rooms into tons of boxes.

Just a little break, a cup of chai tea and a few rows knitting relax and energize me.

And with extrem knitting you even see a progress by knitting just a couple rows! :) 

I use roving and needle size 25mm for this blanket.

Once it is finished I will carefully felt it just a bit in the washing machine.

I did a little piece beforehand and it turned out beautifully.

We'll see if it will work that well with a larger piece ...

Extremknitting by

Happy Day,


P.S. I love my new tray from the BÅKIG collection!