Peaceful Green And Thoughts On "American Blogger"

11 04 2014

I am having a green crush lately... :)

It's such a calming and peaceful color.

green plant crush

green plant crush

green plant crush

green plant crush

Speaking of peaceful...have you seen the "American Blogger" trailer, yet?

I read on my Instagram feed that there is a lot of harsh criticism going on since the trailer went online a couple days ago.

Most of the critics come especially from bloggers! Isn't that ironic?

It's a mystery to me why people do this to each other. Making others lives miserable (and their own life too in my opinion) by participating in those kind of shit-storms.

I feel especially bad for the person who created the documentary no one hasn't even seen yet besides the few trailer minutes. 

Creativity has millions of ways to express - that's the beauty of it! You either like what a creative person does or not. Very simple.

NO need to hurt and denounce a creative work.

Have a peaceful and happy weekend,