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01 10 2011

Remember my sweet sweaty Yoga diving experience back in August?

Well - a thoughtful empathic Yogi left me a wonderful web link which REALLY spiced up my home practice.

YOGIS ANONYMOUS offers a great service in bringing live-streaming and on demand yoga videos right to the front of your mat after you paid a small fee for unlimited weekly or monthly access.

It's just fabulous - I absolutely LOVE it! "Click"; close your eyes and there you are - practicing in a Los Angeles Yoga studio together with your fellow Yoga enthusiasts.

You get to choose from PLENTY of different classes with great - sometimes world renowned - teachers and events ranging from level 1 to level 4 (!) "flying on and off the mat" classes, where you can watch some awesome yogis gracefully throwing dozens of handstands inbetween the most crazy asanas. BREATHTAKING...

The good thing though is - after surviving the intimidation - that I'm a lot more willing to push myself through demanding sequences and explore pushing my personal boundaries than I would ever do practicing on my own.

So - from now on NO more excuses that you couldn't make it to class - it's available all the time and wherever you are...

If you want to give it a try - please remember: It's YOUR precious body and YOU are responsible for it. Gentleness and mindfulness should definitely be your class mates...

O.K. pals - whatcha say???

"Uhmm...I guess...after carefully discussing our options here...

...we'll start with...uhmmm...

Savasana Relaxation..."



10 02 2012
Ich finde Yoga toll! Susanne Fröhlich findet Yoga jetzt auch toll. Wie es dazu kam, ist in Ihrem neuen, fröhlich-kurzweiligen Büchlein "Der Hund, die Krähe, das Om...und ich!" nachzulesen. Das war mein erstes Buch, dass ich
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19 04 2012
Mantra Meaning And Musing Part 1
Seit ich auf dem Dorf lebe und meine Yogaklasse nur noch aus Matte, Katze und Computer besteht, haben sich leider auch die Mantren rar gemacht. Ein dürres "Om" über die Dielen gehaucht - Spiritualität bist Du da??? Hm - naja egal - ich m
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