26 02 2012 DIY

Lucky who grows a Witch-hazel in the garden because it's blooming right now - in February!

Before this magical scrub even starts having leaves, it's blossoming with bright yellow, orange or copper colored flower pompoms!

What a statement - what a courageous and beautiful contrast this time of the year! 

Unfortunately I don't own one of those plants myself - not sure, if I would want to cut a twig anyway because it's so amazing to see it right in nature...also it's a much needed food source for the first insects after the winter.

All it needs is a bit Imagination and happy busy hands...

Some empty pods and some bare twigs picked up on a walk... 

Some yarn and some color... inspired by the boldness of the Hamamelis I chose neon paint...

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You can still participate in my silver birdie raffle until February 29 th!  


01 08 2012
Fabric Yarn
Last week I showed you my crochet bracelets. I really had a lot fun working with this recycled cotton fabric yarn! Projects are so quickly done with it... Looking at the available colors I couldn't resist putting in a ... ...little bigger order
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