Self Employment Means...

19 11 2014

- in my case - I basically work ALWAYS!

It's very hard for me to find the discipline to keep a good work-life balance and I am still not really good at it.

Even though I have been self employed my whole work life. 

And that's been a while.

Because I am not in my twenties anymore - actually not even in my, I almost finished the forties! 

All this got clear to me when I was interviewed by a german newspaper who printed this DIY together with their questions and my answers.

And one of those questions was about the history of my employment. 

I had opened a little jewelry workshop and studio right after I finished my desgin studies back in the beginning of the nineties.

I went on fairs and exhibitions, sold to galleries and to my own customers for many years.

Materials were ordered from catalogs and my invoices were written by hand.

That was all BEFORE the internet and smart phones became widely available!

I had nothing to do with computers and would have never guessed, that this would change some day...

Then I became a mother to two beautiful children and we relocated to California for about ten years.

After returning back to Germany I had to made a decision what to do professionally.

I had many interests besides design and wasn't sure, if I wanted to pick up where I had left.

Everything had changed and designers were now online.

I had no clue about computers and online market places at all. 

A friend of mine had already a Shop at DaWanda and took me to Berlin for a workshop.

I still remember the train trip back home that evening when I thought: OK - sounds interesting - I could give it a try...

Fast forward and LOTS of learning and new experiences later - I now have three online shops: DaWanda, Etsy and on NOTHS.

I have this blog and do a lot styling and photography for clients.

Life is good.

I just need to learn that balance thing...

Happy Day,


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MacroMonday: Mini Pineapples

17 11 2014

miniature pineapple

miniature pineapple

Already Monday again!

Isn't it crazy, how time runs?

I found these cute mini pineapples at farmers market.

(Trying to not miss market days - rain or shine - the farmers need to to be supported in winter time, too) 

I hadn't seen those before, so of course they needed to be photographed :-)

Have a good start into the new week -

Happy Day,


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6 Nice Autum and Winter DIY's And Inspirations

12 11 2014

Due to jewelry and wool orders  

I have only very little spare time for my own DIY's right now. 

These are some nice projects and inspirations I found on my Pinterest boards.

Gift wrapping with leaf

Gift wrapping with post cards 

Printable gifttags

Beautiful autumn table setting

Tutorial for overcast stitch 

Fimo Tags

Happy Day,


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A BIG Fat Pompon

11 11 2014
Chunky hat by

Chunky hat by

First time that I made a big fat pompon out of Loopy Mango Big Loop Yarn for an order.

I din't use a cardboard frame for it. Just held the yarn in my hand like I do with my usual pompons I make for the chunky hats (see tutorial here)

Only that I did as much loops as I could possible hold in my hand.

Then I had help tying it together and fasten it tight.

I cut all loops open and carefully pulled the thin thread out of each ending and gave a haircut to make the pompon nice and round.

Voilá - are you a cool cat wearing a giant pompon on your hat? :-)

Happy Day,


Today is Creadienstag

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