Update On Our Search For New Dining Room Chairs. And MacroMonday!

02 03 2015

A while ago I wrote in this post that we are looking for new chairs for our round table.

Well - to be correct - it is me who is looking for new chairs - my husband thinks our old chairs made of beech wood are perfectly fine together with our oak table and oak floors.

I am not the kind of design person needing everything to look perfect - I like a good mix and individuality, but somehow I really don't like these two different woods together. Plus the old chairs are so 'solid' in design and take up a lot of room.

So the search started with that Casamania chair. Which turned out to be too low for the table and therefore went to live in our hall.

Then someone mentioned Voga in the comment section.

I was very excited about the low prices and first didn't really realise, that their furniture isn't original. I ordered two different chairs and after a long, long waiting time they finally arrived from Great Britain.

The quality is quite good for the price but I felt bad afterwards supporting the manufactering of copies - especially as being a designer myself.

You would think that I had put special attention on the sitting hight this time? I would think so too.

But I didn't! 

Both were too low for the dining table. 

Returning them seemed cumbersome plus my daughter fell in love with the tulip chair. She put a sheep skin onto it and sits on her legs. Then the hight is ok...

And I use the DAW chair next to the sofa if the sofa gets to crowed.

Tulip chair

So both chairs stayed.

Then sometime last fall I passed by the BoConcept store in Hannover and went in to check it out.

liked their Adelaide chair. It has nice oak legs, is not too expensive AND has the right sitting hight. YAY!

So i spontaneously ordered six chairs.

I didn't tell my husband... 

Stuhl Adelaide BoConcept

When they arrived in late fall, I stored them in the cellar and just brought one chair up to the apartment and one of the old ones down.

Then I added the next one after a few days...ok - it wasn't too long until things smelled fishy to my husband.

Anyway - eventually he would take a seat






It's easy to imaging, how mad he became, right? :)

When I brought the broken chair back to the shop, I could tell by the reaction of the sales persons, that this was not the first broken Adelaide chair they have seen.

Such a pity!

But the other chairs are good so far.

We still keep a couple old chairs at the table for my husband and my son who also likes the old ones better.

Maybe I will paint them white someday... 


Meanwhile I think it would had made more sense to just take time and find the right chairs instead of settling for several compromises and supposedly good deals.

But that's difficult for me because I love to find and buy new things.

I must admit, I really like the tulip chair now too. But the original one from Knoll. Then it would have the correct sitting hight as well.

It's on sale right now at Connox (here) with green or black cushions.

Still costs a ton even on sale but maybe I could add one each year... :)

Tulip Chair

Speaking of taking time and thinking twice before falling for another chair... I - spontaneously - ordered this beautiful Muuto chair in cognac leather for my studio a few weeks ago.

Just got a note that there are problems with the production...

OH MY!!!

Stay tuned. 

I'll keep you posted... 

Tulips, Tulpen

Happy Day,


P.S. I will send these spring tulips over to MacroMonday

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A Chunky Knit Sweater From Loopy Mango Big Loop And Q&A About This Great Yarn

23 02 2015 DIY

Is it really possible to knit a sweater out of this extremly thick yarn?

For sure it is, but you need to have the right expectation about the finished project as well :)

It's really chunky and also quite heavy in weight but very special and beautiful.

chunky knit sweater by lebenslustiger.com

This yarn has so much character and is possibly very different from every other yarn you have known so far.

I had a lot fun knitting this order - including the balaclava (picture further down) - and a very happy customer afterwards.

chunky knit sweater by lebenslustiger.com

Loopy Mango Big Loop yarn is amazing for many reasons:

It' s really super chunky for needle sizes between 15mm to 25mm - depending on if you want tighter or more loose stitches for your project.

Despite the thickness of the yarn it's still incredible soft, cozy and luscious because it's hand spun from 100% north american merino wool.

Due to this artisanal process all skeins are one-of-a-kind and vary slightly in thickness and color from one another. 

Absolutely not comparable to mass produced yarns. 

chunky knit sweater by lebenslustiger.com

I picked a few questions that I received in the last weeks because I thought my answers might be interesting for you as well: 

"Why is Loopy Mango Big Loop yarn so expensive?" 

The price only seems high but you have to realise, that it is sold in a 1100gr skein. Typically yarn is sold in 100gr balls and if you break down the price then it is not higher then other high quality 100% merino yarns from designer brands.

If you would wanted to replicate the thickness with another yarn you would need to ply other yarn 10 times or more and it would cost even more money.

I also provide free patterns for using the yarn (soon I will add a beautiful round knitted pillow!) and also Loopy Mango provides many free patterns here.

As I wrote above, the yarn is not mass produced, it's artisanal and made in small batches with local sourced wool from the US and not with wool from China or Australia.

Good local products are unfortunately higher in price than products with questionable sources that discounters offer. 

"What is wrong with using wool from China or Australia?"

Despite the often lower quality of the merino wool from China it's foremost the cruelty involved in animal farming.

Same for Australia. They often use a horrible method called Mulesing on the sheep.

It was really shocking for me, when I found out about this and by no means do I ever want to be involved in a business that supports those cruel practices.

Loopy Mango assured me, that their yarn is mulesing-free.

Hopefully I will soon carry K1S1 yarn from Little Dandelion in my Dawanda shop as well.

The wool for this yarn comes from New Zealand and will also be mulesing-free.

"Why should I order from you instead of ordering directly from Loopy Mango ..." 

Well - if you are from the US then of course it makes sense to order from Loopy Mango directly. 

But if you are from Germany or Europe then you have to keep in mind, that there will be - next to the high shipping costs - additional charges like customs fees and import taxes as well as sales taxes (VAT). 

You should contact your customs office before ordering from the US and ask how much the fees are so there will be no surprises afterwards.

It's difficult and elaborate for me too, to import the yarn to Germany and economically not worth for me to do it but I love this yarn and therefore decided do it anyway... 

knit balaclava by lebenslustiger.com

"If I spent so much on this wool i expect it to last forever!" 

Uh - well - how to answer this one???

If you are familiar with pure wool you know that you have to handle it carefully.

There are no chemicals or acrylics involved that would help to make it last "forever".

It's just a very precious material and you have to take good care of it.

As with any other wool there will be pilling.

"How to wash a product made of Big Loop yarn?"

Loopy Mango suggests Dry Clean only.

"Can I crochet a rug with this yarn?"

Theoretically yes - but I would rather use a special rug yarn.

It often comes with a kind of inner rope that makes it more sturdy. 

Chunky knit sweater made by lebenslustiger.com

I will think of more questions people asked me and edit/add them here from time to time.

Meanwhile please let me know if you also  have a question regarding the Loopy Mango Big Loop yarn. 

Happy Day,


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