6 Nice Autum and Winter DIY's And Inspirations

12 11 2014

Due to jewelry and wool orders  

I have only very little spare time for my own DIY's right now. 

These are some nice projects and inspirations I found on my Pinterest boards.

Gift wrapping with leaf

Gift wrapping with post cards 

Printable gifttags

Beautiful autumn table setting

Tutorial for overcast stitch 

Fimo Tags

Happy Day,


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A BIG Fat Pompon

11 11 2014
Chunky hat by Lebenslustiger.com

Chunky hat by Lebenslustiger.com

First time that I made a big fat pompon out of Loopy Mango Big Loop Yarn for an order.

I din't use a cardboard frame for it. Just held the yarn in my hand like I do with my usual pompons I make for the chunky hats (see tutorial here)

Only that I did as much loops as I could possible hold in my hand.

Then I had help tying it together and fasten it tight.

I cut all loops open and carefully pulled the thin thread out of each ending and gave a haircut to make the pompon nice and round.

Voilá - are you a cool cat wearing a giant pompon on your hat? :-)

Happy Day,


Today is Creadienstag

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