MacroMonday: Mini Pineapples

17 11 2014

miniature pineapple

miniature pineapple

Already Monday again!

Isn't it crazy, how time runs?

I found these cute mini pineapples at farmers market.

(Trying to not miss market days - rain or shine - the farmers need to to be supported in winter time, too) 

I hadn't seen those before, so of course they needed to be photographed :)

Have a good start into the new week -

Happy Day,


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6 Nice Autum and Winter DIY's And Inspirations

12 11 2014

Due to jewelry and wool orders  

I have only very little spare time for my own DIY's right now. 

These are some nice projects and inspirations I found on my Pinterest boards.

Gift wrapping with leaf

Gift wrapping with post cards 

Printable gifttags

Beautiful autumn table setting

Tutorial for overcast stitch 

Fimo Tags

Happy Day,


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