Free Desktop And iPhone Wallpapers By Creature Comforts

18 09 2014

free desktop and phone wall papers

free desktop and phone wall papers

I love these free wallpapers by Creature Comforts in collaboration with Free People!

You can download these and 4 more designs over at Creature Comforts blog.

Free People shops are always on my list when I visit the US because of their fun and creative decoration ideas and the cool clothes.

Here is the Santa Barbara Free People shop I photographed last year.

Happy Day,


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Kinda True...4

17 09 2014
tidy desk tidy mind

I am kinda more the chaotic type of person regarding my desk and studio.

For sure I love an organized and tidy workspace

but it's difficult for me to keep it like that.

So many projects, materials, tools, cookie crumbs... etc.

My problem is, that many of my stuff has no place to go yet.

If for every pieces there is an assigned place then staying organized is easy.

I only realized that fact clearly since we moved to the new apartment!

I know - late bloomer... 

Luckily it's working well for the rest of the apartment.

So my goal in the next weeks is, to get my studio organized too.

Hopefully I can show you pictures of the progress soon... 

Happy Day,


(printable via A Fabulous Fete)

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