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27 08 2014

new dining room chairs.

Not that we need new ones.


We got this amazing handcrafted table for the new apartment. It's made of oak as our floors are too and it is absolutely beautiful. 

Our old chairs are quite sturdy and comfortable to sit but they are made of beech and those two different woods don't go very well together.

I know - it's a luxury problem...and for now I am just collecting inspirations and keeping my eyes open to see, what's currently out there.

I am not really liking plastic in general but since I am looking for white armchairs with oak legs I thought this Casamania chair shown on my picture would be nice.

But it turned out, that it is to low for the table. We need a sitting hight of at least 47cm.


lebenslustiger.com lebenslustiger.com

Well - I will just keep looking.

Any tips of yours will be greatly appreciated!

Maybe I should paint the old chairs white?

What do you think? 

Happy Day,


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Macro Monday: Late Summer Flowers

25 08 2014

Yesterday we visited my in-laws who live about 1,5 hrs away.

I took the camera because they have a wonderful flower garden.

The pictures were taken with a Nikon D800 and a Nikkor AF-S 105mm 1:2.8, set to f/3.2, shutter speed: 1/160s to 1/400s, ISO 100.

I shot without tripod, just hand-held - to be able to easily pick and vary my vantage point, camera on ISO100, manual, shutter speeds varying from 1/160s to 1/400s and aperture only stopped down one stop (from 2.8 to 3.2).  

I had to do a bunch of shots to get good ones. The wind outside and the movement of the flowers and my own movement in combination with the wide aperture and the resulting very shallow depth of field made it hard to get the focus on the bits of the flowers that I wanted. I definitely wanted the wide aperture - as that really is what nicely blurs the background and emphasizes the beauty and detail of the flowers.

I also made sure to shoot darker backgrounds and similar tonality, because I wanted the pictures to fit together as a series.





Happy Day,


Today is MacroMonday @glasklarundkunterbunt

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