Majorca - Wild Balearic Island

18 08 2014

Majorca - located in the Mediterranean Sea - is the largest island of the Balearic archipelago in Spain.

We have been there many times, because it's just a two hour flight from our home and the island is really beautiful for the largest parts.

In old times it was called "Island of Calm" but now many tourists come here. But if you avoid the touristic centers you can still find nice places.

This time we just wanted to swim and relax and stayed in Alcudia.

I was rarely online and just posted a bit on my Instagram.

Usually there are just some gentle waves in Alcudia in the afternoon but last week we had a day where it was windy and the ocean turned wild. 

Our kids - 11 and 14 years old - loved it! 

They are both good swimmers but we stayed close to the shore this afternoon so they could stand all the time.

The pictures were taken with a Nikon COOLPIX AW100.

Attention - it's going to be wet....

Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca

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Kinda True...2

06 08 2014 HA HA - yes, kinda true!

One can have a pretty cool image online, right?

I don't think, my life online and my life analog differ a lot though.

At least, I am trying to stay true to myself. 

A few weeks ago I was asked to share 20 facts about me on the german blog Nike going weird and thought, I will translate them today for my englisch readers.

 The facts are totally random.

1. It makes me totally happy to wake up and see all three cats peacefully sleeping at the end of my bed.

2. Two of the three cats are brothers and I brought them home as babies from a trip to Canada.They were the attraction in the cabin. 

3. Speaking of travelling (and dreaming): When my kids are grown I will travel the world and photograph as long as I like.

4. I can be at a beach from 10am to 10pm without being bored.

5. I like to be at the ocean but not necessarily in the ocean. 

6. We lived 10 years at the coast in California but returned to Germany.

7. I am a designer, a yoga teacher and a health coach but currently focus on design, styling and photography.

8. I am very impatient. Yoga didn't do the trick for me... 

9. I am really really grateful for always being able to do my own thing - job wise but also private wise.

10. I am extremely visual oriented and try to always meet my esthetic vision.

11. I love Instagram and Pinterest and don't get Twitter and FB.

12. I have never had a cup of coffee in my life - that's true!

13. I love tea :)

14. And muesli and organic, simple eating. As little as possible processed foods. But I also learned, that good healthy food doesn't cut it alone - it's equally important to think happy healthy thoughts.

15. Aging sucks - yes, it does! You see, I still exercise to always think happy healthy thoughts...

16. I am extremely short sighted and almost deaf on my right ear. But it has nothing to do with age :)

17. I love animals. Especially horses. And sheep and wool. Big wool is best!

18. And I looooove photography.

19. I force my kids to play piano. Ups - there it is - I said it loud....

20. Very important in life: Humor

Happy Day,


P.S. I wasn't able to find the quote source - if you know it, please let me know.

Bine and Andrea are asking: Wer bist Du?

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