Yoga (SO) Easy...

05 06 2013

I have not done my yoga routine lately and that is really NOT GOOD.

I already feel my back and neck getting stiff and tense.

Health and well-being should be priority instead of working all the time.

So, for a while now i am thinking about how to get a fresh and new start to get me back onto the mat. 

rolled up yoga mat

And just then I received an e-mail from - Germanys first Online yoga studio - with an offer for a free month long trial coupon for my readers and myself!

Isn't that funny how some things seem to happen in the exact right moment and when you need it the most?

There is no such thing than chance, right? offers a wide variety of online classes filmed with great teachers like Anna Trökes, Patrizia Thielemann, Patrick Broome and many more for beginner to advanced students. There are even meditation classes.

All you need to start is your mat, your computer, internet access and maybe some cats :) 

yoga pose,Yoga Übung cats doing yoga, Katzenyoga

Please find the link below by clicking the picture or click here for a free month long access to all Yoga Easy classes. You are not signing up for a membership after that free month - no hidden trap or any other obligations. The trial ends after a month and that's it! EASY! 

Yoga pose, Yoga Übung

So please help yourself to some wonderful YOGA if you like - I definitely will, because I really miss it. 


Happy Day,


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Rituals - Roots And Wings Included

26 04 2012

Before the day starts I do yoga every morning!


I TRY to do Yoga every morning... 

It's actually so much easier to do it every morning as a ritual, because then these stupid conversations inside your head, whether this or that would be more urgent to do than doing yoga, are simply swept under the mat. 

Yoga IS goodforyouandyourbodyandyourhealthandtheuniverse - so let's do it!

With Yogis Anonymous or Yoga Easy or a great DVD or in your favorite yoga studio or just you and yourself - everything works - and with regularity comes ritual.

According to Constanze Kleis, rituals can give us something truly amazing: roots and wings simultaneously. Psychologist figured out the true potential of rituals. They are a sort of base camp for feelings and are identified as the most important stabilizing factor in families as well as bringing forth and fostering creativity, imagination and awakening.


Well - that's totally worth it, right?

Do you have any rituals? 

Yogatta look into this...

01 10 2011

Remember my sweet sweaty Yoga diving experience back in August?

Well - a thoughtful empathic Yogi left me a wonderful web link which REALLY spiced up my home practice.

YOGIS ANONYMOUS offers a great service in bringing live-streaming and on demand yoga videos right to the front of your mat after you paid a small fee for unlimited weekly or monthly access.

It's just fabulous - I absolutely LOVE it! "Click"; close your eyes and there you are - practicing in a Los Angeles Yoga studio together with your fellow Yoga enthusiasts.

You get to choose from PLENTY of different classes with great - sometimes world renowned - teachers and events ranging from level 1 to level 4 (!) "flying on and off the mat" classes, where you can watch some awesome yogis gracefully throwing dozens of handstands inbetween the most crazy asanas. BREATHTAKING...

The good thing though is - after surviving the intimidation - that I'm a lot more willing to push myself through demanding sequences and explore pushing my personal boundaries than I would ever do practicing on my own.

So - from now on NO more excuses that you couldn't make it to class - it's available all the time and wherever you are...

If you want to give it a try - please remember: It's YOUR precious body and YOU are responsible for it. Gentleness and mindfulness should definitely be your class mates...

O.K. pals - whatcha say???

"Uhmm...I guess...after carefully discussing our options here...

...we'll start with...uhmmm...

Savasana Relaxation..."


Yogatta do some swimming

21 08 2011

Oh have i been longing to go to a great yoga class for more than a year now!

Since we moved to a remote little country village in northern Germany, my yoga class mates are:

- a mat

- one to three cats watching me and this mat

- music

That's it!

So, for the time I'm visiting Santa Barbara, I try to escape to a yoga class in my favorite studio as often as possible to spark and renew my motivation and to seek fun ideas and inspirations for my home practice.

Well - big surprise!

While I was gone, many yoga teachers in this town have miraculously changed into swim teachers these days.

(For following this article it's important that you keep in mind that I did NOT attended a single Bikram yoga class while visiting Santa Barbara and that you remember, it's August in Southern California while I'm writing this...)

The teacher heats the room to a sauna-like temperature, takes great care that all windows and doors are securely shut and starts guiding- already breathless- yogis through 50+ Chaturangas on their slippery mats who try to keep up while diving through puddles and lakes built of their own SWEAT.

I do understand, that it might be beneficial to release toxins with the sweat and experience a "deeper" practice with those already half cooked muscles BUT is that REALLY fun???


I need FRESH air! Yoga is about LIBERATION!

Let's go to the beach - AHHHH - what a wonderful, refreshing and FREE feeling...

Sometimes you have to take a BIG jump and free yourself from what everybody else is doing and thinking.

Find YOUR 'mojo' and restore your inner freedom.