Ambiente13 - Part 6 - Bloomingville

27 02 2013

You made it! This is my last post with my inspirational interior finds from Ambiente trade fair. 

Another well known and beloved label today: Bloomingville from Danmark.

Always unique, uncomplicated fun and easy living...

Look at my busy rosy trade fair-cheeks :)

Happy Day - I will be back tomorrow with a cute DIY...


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Ambiente13 - Part 5 - Interesting Pieces

26 02 2013

Never seen before: Paper landscapes in size 1:100!!! from japanese artist Kami No Kousakujo and "air-vases" cut from one paper sheet.

Aren't those absolutely amazing?

Both products are available at SHU SHU in Munich.

The vase Heidi Klum just bought recently... available here.

And Style Green wall art made from real prepared plants. NO care required!!! 

I especially liked these mossy pictograms :) 

Again also from Japan, beautiful simple and esthetic KAMI tableware (available here) made of wood coated with urethan.

Cranes cranes EVERYWHWERE! - Not only at the japanese booths.

Pretty fire-pralines for lighting a sweet fire :)

And finally I know a place where i can get the new "Casa"(here) washi-tape.

Happy Day,