6 Questions About Travel

07 04 2013

asked by  "My friend from Zurich" .

They were my guests here at Lebenslustiger.com a while ago with a great post on how to spent a perfect day in Zurich and now they interviewed me:

- Luxury resort or adventure camp?

- White beaches or white mountains?

- Backpack or suitcase?

- Flip-flops, hiking boots or pumps?

- Fondest travel memory?

- These items are always in my luggage...

You can read my answers here

Many Thanks for this fun interview, Friends!

I am adding a few more Hawaiian memories - it used to be a short plane ride for us when we lived in California...


Kailua beach Oahu

Hawaiian Island Kauai

Na Pali coast Kauai

Happy Day,


I Wish My Morning...

14 02 2013

...would ALWAYS start with a breakfast like this one!!! ALOHA

Curious what others do in the morning? Nic is collecting more inspiration.

Happy (Valentine's) Day,


P.S. My crochet glitter heart from yesterday dried - if you like, see it here :) 

Around The World In 365 Days

16 07 2012 Thinking About

Traveling is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

(image by Jelou2u)

And dreaming about traveling the world for a whole year is one of my absolute favorite day dreams.

(Unfortunately it's my husbands and my kids favorite night mare...)

But for me it sounds fantastic. Full of potential adventure and beauty. So promising...

What about you?

Sounds good or scary?

Where would YOU go if time, money and work weren't a reality and you had a year to travel the world?

I would LOVE to know your dream destinations!

Maybe, you have already done it??? 

There are some airlines who offer flat rates  for " Round - the - World - Tickets:


Star Alliance


The great Escape 

Oh, where would I go first ???

Probably east - have never been to Bali...or see the Orang-Utans in the rainforest on Borneo. Or going south to Africa, or...

(honoring summer my pictures are...kinda beachy... :-))  

XOXO, Anette


24 07 2011 Happy World

Wow - WHAT a name!

It's the Hawaiian name of a beautiful fish and it's actually not just an ordinary one, it's Hawaii's State fish.

The 'Picasso triggerfish' is a tropical reef triggerfish that you’ll likely see when you snorkel in Hawaii. Here’s how to pronounce it: “who-moo-who-moo-noo-koo-noo-koo-ah-pooah-ah”.

Well, i can't say much today, because whenever i carefully enter this silent, absolutely fascinating underwater world, i get completely speechless and blown away by it's indescribably, incredible beauty.......