Garlic & Herb Pull Apart Bread

30 09 2013 Market day

I baked!


A yummy Garlic & Herb pull-apart bread.

Garlic and herb pull-apart bread, Knoblauch-Kräuter Zupfbrot

Dear Susanne from Alles ist gut send the recipe over to me.

Instead of fresh herbs I used a mixture of dried herbs from Sonnentor called "Gute Laune" - about 4 table spoons.

Bread dough

600 g flour

1 cube fresh yeast

300 ml lukewarm water

1 tsp honey or agave

2 tsp salt

50 ml olive oi

Mix flour, yeast, agave and the water and let sit until bubbly.

Then mix in salt and oil and kneed until you get a nice dough. 

Garlic & herb butter

100 g soft butter

1 tps herb salt

1 or more garlic cloves

3 tbsp fresh or frozen herbs like basil, chives, parsley... 

Mix all herb-butter ingredients thoroughly.

Roll out the dough approximately in a size of a baking sheet.

Spread the butter evenly all across, cut into 5-6 strips and fold them up.

Put up-right into an oiled bread pan.

Let rise again and then bake until it's golden - about 30min - depending on your oven. 

So delicious!

Happy Monday,


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Simply Summer - Summer Simply

23 07 2012 Market day

We live close to a beautiful organic farm.

Sometimes they offer workshops on different topics and I love to go, also because they serve wonderful, simple but delicious food.

This time we had gratinated ciabatta bread.

If you like to try it sprinkle some olive oil on a baking sheet and lay out the bread slices onto the oil. Top each bread with a nice sage leaf, some zucchini slices and a not too thin piece of pecorino cheese. Bake for a few minutes until the cheese is melted and the bread is crispy. Enjoy right from the oven. So delicious! Serve with a salad and you have a simple but perfect summer dish.

Do you have any simple ideas or tricks to help enjoying summer even more?

I would love to hear them! 

XOXO, Anette 

Chocolate Bread With Chili Cheese - Post Aus Meiner Küche

24 04 2012 DIY

"Post aus meiner Küche" is a great event where - this time -  chocolate creations are being shipped throughout the country this week. I chose to do a Raspberry - Hibiscus - Chocolate spread and a Cocoa - Baguette for Martina from Mathilda-Kuchen im Glas, my partner in crime.

To make up for my less then stellar cooking skills I figured to stick with simple recipes, but exquisite ingredients: 

Maracaibo Classico 65% - WOW - doesn't that sound magical??? Found it Here ...

250 gr Raspberry (fresh or frozen)

200 gr Maracaibo Classico

3 EL Hibiscus leaves

50 gr Cane sugar   

1/2 TL old Aceto Balsamico (next time, I would increase that amount)

Crush the leaves. Gently cook Raspberrys, sugar and the crushed Hibiscus for 2 min. Strain through a sieve and add chocolate and balsamico. Stir until chocolate is melted. The warmth of the berry sirup should be sufficient to melt the chocolate - if not, fill another bowl with warm water (not too hot!) for a water bath.

Fill! Cool! Enjoy! (I licked out the bowl - D I V I N E...) 

The receipt worked very well - I only worry that the spread might be not soft enough since the berry's didn't produce a lot juice... M A R T I N A...bear with me, please... :-)

To accompany the spread I wanted to bake a cocoa-bread baguette style. I searched the net and surprisingly it wasn't easy to find a recipe which didn't turn out a cake-like (instead of my desired baguette-like) chocolate bread.

This one is close to what I dreamt of:

150 gr flour

150 ml warm water

10 gr yeast (I used a third of a fresh block)

mix and let sit for 30 min

Then add:

350 gr flour

1 tsp salt

70 gr sugar (I used less...)

50 gr cocoa (I used more...)

70 gr soft butter (I used olive oil instead - remember: baguette-style...)

ca. 175 ml warm water

mix into pre-dough, knead well, let it rest for another half hour. Form two breads and put them on a greased sheet. Let it raise for 1 hour, wet the surface slightly and bake ca. 35 min at 175 degrees. 

We instantly savored the still warm cocoa bread with butter - and - really nifty - topped it with Chili cheese! Y U M M Y !!!

New Food Blogs Finds And Long Time Favorites

02 04 2012 Market day

I'm REALLY impressed by Foodblogs!

What a dedicated and admirable effort...

Well thought out planning - perfect timing - excellent mouthwatering pictures... 

And always in the danger of over done baking, frying, steaming.... 

And then the cleaning...


You hear me...

Cooking and baking are not really my thing.

But I LOVE eating!!!

Here is where I'm heating up my appetite lately: 

Zucker Zimt & Liebe 

Call me Cupcake 


Seelische Kost 


La Tartine Gourmande 

Journey Kitchen 


And my All Time Favourites:


Green Kitchen Storys 

What Katie ate 


All these wonderful springy and fresh pictures by La Tartine Gourmande