My Muffin

17 09 2012 Thinking About

I work out regularly.

Ohhkeeey - after summer break I need to work my way back into it again...

Sometimes - very rarely though - I manage a few disciplined days in a row with limited food intake and if I am lucky, I even loose a tiny bit weight.

It shows right away.

In my face.

More wrinkles.

The area I actually want to reduce and which stays completely unimpressed by all my efforts is my belly.

My Muffin.

This big, soft area which drapes so nicely over a low waist jeans.

Do you know, what I'm talking about?

[update: I removed the link to her blog because of this. I don't want to support a blog like that with sending traffic it's way...

Well - there is for sure one person who doesn't know what I'm talking about and that is Joanna.

She seems a really nice person in fantastic shape after having three children.

Here you can no longer read how she does that.

After a plate with scampis and baguette Joanna is so full and satisfied that there wouldn't even fit in a bit of ice-cream. And right in the middle of having a delicious piece of cake her disciplined little stomach signals her: Oh - STOP - I have ENOUGH!

I'm in awe - and of course jealous - because MY body would NEVER do that...

But envy doesn't melt belly fat either, I realize... 

So, maybe this video shows the way to deal with the matter but I think I lack the amount of self-confidence it would need to take on that way...


And then my adorable and lovely daughter showed me the solution while cuddling in bed at night time the other day: "I love to rest my head on your pretty Mommy-Muffin!", she said.

Sometimes all you have to do is just changing the perspective and see a "problem" from a different kind of angle, accept a nice compliment, listen more to your wonderful kids and all of the sudden it's - well, not exactly gone - but a LOT better.

Enjoy your food - ALWAYS

XOXO, Anette 

Be Beautiful

13 01 2012 Market day

Luck for Sale!


FARFALLA  (means Butterfly in italian) a swiss based company with a wonderful philosophy dedicated to organic skin care makes it possible for you: Luck in a jar!

Feels great on my skin, has a very light and yummy scent of vanilla, cocoa and bergamot and definitely holds up to what the description says: rosy cheeks with a special glow - without any make up or frosty exposure...

Here is, what FARFALLA says about this NaTrue certified product:  

be beautiful

for care with a beautiful special “feel good” factor

1. Gives a radiant “newly in love“ appeal.
2. Vitalises skin in stress situations.
3. Protects skin from damaging environmental influences.
4. Added shimmer particles conceal blemishes.

logo bebeautiful

The innovation in natural cosmetics

Orinoco nut and Brazilian pepper tree
With its high-quality Omega-3 fatty acids, the Orinoco nut has a positive influence on the release of the happiness hormone, dopamine. The Brazilian pepper tree also promotes the secretion of this hormone. Among other positive traits, dopamine improves blood circulation, giving you a more radiant appearance and that special “newly in love” appeal. In order to give your skin the necessary positive impulses, use it when you want to pamper yourself or in stressful situations during a strenuous work day or when travelling. Feeling at ease with yourself and good about your appearance will enhance your radiance even further.

Mineral shimmer particles
The subtle shimmer effect conceals small blemishes and wrinkles.

Natural scents
According to aromatherapeutic principles, the mixture of essential oils, isolated from vanilla, cocoa and bergamot, contributes towards the «bliss effect» of this line of products.

Bliss cream

Designed for when you want to give yourself a special treat.This exceptional cream caresses your skin and gives you a marvellous sense of well-being. With
extracts isolated from Orinoco nut and the Brazilian pepper tree and an addition of mineral shimmer particles. Enjoy a radiant appearance with that “There’s
something special about you…” appeal. Use it before a rendezvous, a meeting, while travelling or whenever you want to pamper yourself.

100% from natural origin– 95% of the
certifiable natural substances are organic

be beautiful cream

I REALLY enjoyed watching their video because it shows an authentic expression about the companies appreciation for nature and the creation of their products.

Even If you are not familiar with 'schwizerdütsch', here is your chance to listen to this unique, lovely language while watching vibrant swiss landscape in Piemonte.

FARFALLA even supports families in need with parts of their proceeds from the 'be beautiful' line.

Sounds all just GREAT to me! What about you? 

And please say hello to to Okka and Steffi

It's raining golden flower petals

04 09 2011 Happy World

What a lovely surprise!

Coming back home from our trip to the west, a large package filled with wonderful Calendula children's skin care products from Weleda was waiting for us.

More than 3,000 fans interested in natural,
anthroposophical skin care had signed up for this event - i got lucky and became one of Weleda's Calendula ambassadors.

Of course, that must be celebrated!  

Six curious, excited moms and kids are about to discover Calendula's secrets and look forward to a pampering afternoon.

First and foremost we want to touch, feel, smell and embrace this sunny miracle of a plant.

"Ahhh - smells healthy," says eight-year old Nele.

The Calendula is a traditional medicinal plant. She has the ability to form healing powers from sunlight.

We marvel at the last fresh marigolds - the english name of Calendula - from our late summer garden...

...and the dried flowers provide us with a cheerful exuberant, gorgeous shower of flower petals. 

A glorious experience for all senses!

The treasure chest is now lifted and examined.

Already so much adventure - with cupcakes, Calendula yogurt cake, tea and a great DVD Weleda had put together for us, we settle down for a moment to listen to a lot interesting and valuable information about the company and the Calendula plant.

Hmmm - Lilith Schwertler kindly and compassionately introduces us via video to a guided hand massage. That's just the right thing to do for us now. 

And the miracle happens!

Six chattering school girls experience a solid transformation
to six very relaxed, quietly enjoying little souls after only a very few minutes of devoted hand massage with the wonderfully soft-sunny-summery citrus fragrant Sea Buckthorn oil.

It's that easy!

A gentle facial massage with Calendula Face Cream and two cucumber slices is the perfect ending to our GREAT Weleda Wellness afternoon.

Very big thank you to Weleda for this beautiful, informative campaign.

We all had so much fun and enjoyment with your pampering package! 


Pure Nature - Perfect Balance

01 07 2011 Happy World

Oh, look at this! Probably not easy to digest when taken orally - just coming back to my last post - but irresistibly wonderful on your skin!

It's one of the very few 100% natural eau de perfumes available on the market these days.

Called "Lebensfreude" which means "Joy of Life" in english and made by german Company 'Primavera', who celebrates it's 25th anniversary this year with a limited edition of some beautiful, bountiful and blissful smelling products.

Primavera is the Italian word for spring. And just like spring greets the world with its exuberant and vibrant renewal, Primavera's philosophy honors nature and its abundance in a very conscious way.

"Our holistic products are made of pure, natural, organic ingredients of highest quality. Combined with loving care and responsibility for humans and nature together with fair relationships at all levels of production and distribution, our products draw their strengths from the immense wealth of the natural flora to bestow inner and outer balance."

I immediately liked the summery colored package design with the pink " Tree of life" and of course the wonderful citrus aromas of the natural essences mixture. Once it's on your skin you can close your eyes and find yourself back in a blossoming orange orchard in Spain.....Hhhmmm...-

To make life just perfect, there is also a shower gel, a massage oil and a little gift set available.

So, treat yourself to some wearable "joy of life" and have fun!