Luzia Pimpinella Is Asking Me Some Questions And Liebesbotschaft Is On The Way To California

31 03 2015

Lovely Nic had a few really fun interview questions for me:

1.) Dear Anette, i love your style! Whether it's a picture from your fabulous home or from your creative work - it always seems so "you".

How did you find your style and how do you keep it so consistent?

2.) For a while you lived in California - a dream for so many; also for me!

What did you like most at the "Californian way of life" ? What did you miss?

And how is live now that you are back in Lower Sachsony Germany?

3.) We will for sure travel to California again sometime in the next years to come.

What are your "Must-Sees" and "Must-Dos" for California?

Thanks so much Nic! 

Please find my - german - answers to these questions, lot's of pictures, tips and thoughts here @ luzia pimpinella!

East beach Santa Barbara by

(East Beach, Santa Barbara, California)

And what about Joanna from the blog Liebesbotschaft?

She's flying to California TODAY and will stay a few months with her kids - what a wonderful adventure!

You can read here on Joannas blog how that happened and why our old Californian car is involved...

Happy Day,


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MakroMonday: Quince Blossoms

02 02 2015

spring blossoms

spring blossoms

spring blossoms

open shelf kitchen

Aren't those blossoms are enchanting?

Such a spring promise!

I found them on Saturdays farmers market and of course had to take them home.

They now fill a vase in our kitchen and I hope that more buds will start to open. 

More MacroMonday @ Steffi's

Have a good start into February and 

Happy Day,


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MacroMonday: Tulips

19 01 2015

It's been around zero degrees outside (not too bad though considering it's January)

but with some tulips from farmers market it feels already like spring inside! 

More MacroMonday @ Steffi's

Happy Monday,


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Hello Autumn

23 09 2014
Hello Autumn

I didn't make it to MacroMonday @ Steffis' yesterday,

but Autumn is patient and knows, its time will come for sure - sooner or later :-)

Happy Day,


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