Square Bunny Knit Pattern 2

12 03 2013 DIY

Is it possible to knit an even more simple Bunny than the one that hopped thru my blog last week?

Yes, it is! :-)

Just knit a square in Garter stitch - any size you like.

I used grey mohair and doubled the thread.

(I am so lucky: always having helping paws at my side...)

square knit pattern bunny

Mark a triangle in one half of your square and with a middle size running stitch stitch along this shape.

Make sure to leave extra thread at the beginning and end of the running stitch because you will pull those endings.

Before you pull tight, fill the little bunny head with some wool or other stuffing.

Then secure with some knots.

See - it already looks cute... 

square knit pattern bunny square knit pattern bunny

Now stitch down the back. Fill the body with some more wool and close the seam all the way.

square knit pattern bunny

Then i did another running stitch up the back and pulled gently to form the body. Make a couple stitches at the neck to secure.

Shape those fluffy ears a bit to your liking and also secure with a few stitches. 

square knit pattern bunny

And now for the tail: I had planned a glitter-bobble but little grey bunny refused to hop along with that idea...

Oh well - It is fine with me.

See - already found something more appealing.

Off you go...sweet little fellow!

Knitted Bunny Tutorial

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Today is Creadienstag and Bunny is also hopping over to visit Natasha in Oz and Petals to Picots!YAY!

Square Bunny Knit Tutorial

05 03 2013 DIY

Knitted Bunny Tutorial

Oh hello there sweet bunny!

Where are you going?

Please stay to play... 

I got introduced to this pattern back when my children were young and attending a Waldorfschool preschool program in California.

Do you remember Bunny's friends the lambs? They love to play together... 

I looked the pattern up and found one at Heart String Fiber Arts

If you like to play too, then start by knitting a square in stockinette stitch.

Mine was about 26cmx26cm.

Mark all the measurements with some pins.

With some thread sew with long stitches in a semicircle from A to A' as shown above.

Gather this seam and tie ends in a square knot. 

I used some wool to stuff the head but you could use any filling from the craft store.

Now sew the chin closed. 

Next starting from point B sew the edges together until points A and C meet to form a front leg.

Same with the other front leg.

Then starting from point E sew the edges together until points F and D meet.

Same on the other side. 

Fill the body with wool - not too much - not too little...knead your new little friend into a nice shape.

Sew tummy seam closed 

Do you feel and see how it comes to life? :-)

Bend Bunny's hind legs forward and sew them to it's tummy with just a few stitches.


Can't hear you yet...

Cast on about 5 stitches and knit a few rows in stockinette again (it automatically forms a beautiful curved line).

I did about 6 rows and then started to decrease 1 in every row until I had only 2 stitches left and a nice tip.

Pin and then sew the ears to the head.

I used a little fur ball I had ordered for my crochet beanies as a tail but a little bobble or some soft roving would be cute too.

Have fun together and hop along to easter... 

Today is Creadienstag and also Upcycling - Dienstag

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Happy Friday

01 03 2013 DIY

Just wanted to let you know that I posted the tutorial for the little crochet bunny.

You can find it now in yesterdays post.

More easter-bunny DIY's are on the way... :-)

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Hop Along To Easter

28 02 2013

I found this adorable pattern on Pinterest and changed it just a bit. Really fun and easy pattern and the little bunny is done in a very few minutes.

You could decorate it for your easter brunch table, put it up the wall, window, door, cabinet, shelf...make a few for a mobile or a garland...also very cute year around in a nursery or kids room! 

Who doesn' t like the company of a dear bunny, right? 

You can find my inspiration here at Love the Blue Bird. Thank you for this great pattern!

And here is how I made it:

Again - I used fabric yarn - simply because I have so much of it and plus i really like it, too.

Start with a magic ring. I have always read about this magical ring thing in tutorials and finally looked it up on you-tube...

Make 6 single crochet stitches in that ring and pull the yarn ending - magic!

A perfectly nice ring!

Join with a slip stitch. I always marked the slip stitch with a little piece of thread so I knew when I finished the round.

Round 2:

Chain one - then 2 single crochet together in each stitch, join with a slip stitch. 

Round 3:

Chain one - then one single crochet in the first stitch, then 2 single crochet together in the next one, repeat until round is finished.

Join with a slip stitch. 

Round 4:

Chain one - then one single crochet, one single crochet, 2 single crochet (in one stitch), repeat until round is finished.

Join with a slip stitch. 

Now comes the little head:

Somehow I miss pictures for that part - SORRY!

Chain one - then one half double crochet and a treble crochet in the next stitch, two treble crochet in each of the next two stitches, one treble crochet and a half double crochet in the next stitch.

There is your little bunny head! 

Now - no additional chain - just start going around with slip stitches until the first treble crochet on the other side.

Chain 7  for the first ear.

Make a half double crochet in the second chain from the hook and then 4 treble crochet.

Slip stitch in the third treble crochet from the head and then chain 7.

Make a half double crochet in the second chain from the hook and then 4 treble crochet.

Slip stitch in the sixth treble crochet from former round - leave a bit of tail - cut and pull your yarn right thru.

NO additional slip stitches here.

Take your ending and weave those holes close. With this fabric yarn I just use my fingers to do that and place a knot when finished. 

Now decide on a little bunny tail to add.

I actually like the simple floppy one best :-)

Plus - it is so much less work than a bobble...

More yarn creativity is collected @Nic's today

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