White Stuff Give Away

16 04 2012 Happy World

"White Stuff" just opened his first shop outside the United Kingdom in Copenhagen. I had never heard of them before and I instantly liked, what I saw. The shop design is so well thought through - there is love and joy in every little detail. Hooks are decorated with little birdies, wood(!)-hangers with clothes made out of their own signature prints let you know that there is " Happiness in every stitch", adorable tags  - there is even an awesome little retro theater for your enjoyment! All rooms feel totally homey, original and believable. I also like a lot the story behind this brand. Two guys who loved the snow and skiing so much that they sold T-shirts to finance their sport - that's how they started. Today they say:

We love clothes - We love color - We love to laugh! Isn't that a wonderful business philosophy???

And here is my White Stuff Give Away for you: A super cute little red Tweety Coin Purse(meanwhile completely sold out!) and an awesome Purdy Star Bracelet perfect for spring and summer!

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Thanks so much for joining the fun!

P.S. The birdie purse reminds me of another little birdie who just recently spread his wings to find a new home... :) 

Copenhagen - Inside Colors

12 04 2012 Happy World

I love to read travel tips and shopping recommendations online or in a book but once I'm actually on-site I usually just enjoy to wander the streets trusting to discover little treasures here and there.

I found that a lot less stressful - especially when traveling with children. 

Here are some of my favorite Copenhagen finds. Great places to visit but also just wonderful for a colorful visual inspiration... 

Copenhagen has great creative little shops on the alleys right and left from the main shopping street called "Ströget". Helbak and Scherning features Malene Helbak's well-known hand-decorated, colorful earthenware and Mette Scherning's delicate handmade porcelain jewelry. There are exclusive collections from the two designers that are only available at this location:

Isn't that mint floor awesome? 

Retro Villa just around the corner from Helbak Scherning is a small charming boutique and online shop by super talented interior designer Mette Helena Rasmussen where you will find Scandinavia's largest selection of original vintage wallpaper and cute design items for your home, your children and yourself.

And the last pictures where taken at Atrium. A shop who - among other great danish designs - carries stylists Rie Elise Larsen's fabulous creations.

All shops were super nice, friendly and welcomed me to take as much pictures as I wanted! Big Thank You -  Copenhagen Love!

Oh - the Give Away!

Next Post... I promise!!!