22 05 2015

natural linen!

I have been loving natural linen since back in my twenties.

And that's been a while...

Back then I used to wear long, wide dresses and tunics made of this gorgeous material. The haptic qualities of line are amazing and it get's better and softer the more you wash it.

Nowadays linen clothing became mainstream but at this time - about shortly before 1990 - it wasn't easy to obtain creative and unusual clothing made of linen in the little city I lived in and there was no such thing then the internet.

So I usually sew my clothes or I exchanged with other creative makers at events "paying" with my jewellery.

Later I discovered the label Cocon Commerz and became a big fan of their designs.

Fun times!

And then I became a mommy and we moved to California

With the heat and a little one the wide dresses became somewhat unpractical...

So piece by piece went into storage boxes. I kept them for a very long time - some even until very recently because I thought I will wear these beautiful clothes some day again - but when I tried some on, it did not feel comfortable and I did no longer feel great in them. So I had to let them go.

In California I had changed to Yoga clothing. I wore yoga pants and tops ALL the time - no matter if I had done Yoga that day or not.

If you are from California you can relate and know: That's normal :) 

Easy Living!

When we moved back to Germany jeans, shirt and sneakers became my uniform. 

And what happened to my love of linen?

It stayed in bed!


I bought my first 100% natural linen bedding in California. I think it might have been from Sundance.

It was so pretty - striped in wonderful colors.

I used to wash it in the morning and put it on again for night and I did not use any other bedding.

It lasted for many years but eventually broke at the seams at some point.

My second linen bedding I brought home from a trip to Paris from the shop Merci .

Do you this shop? It's a must-see/must-visit shop! Such great products and their natural linens come in such gorgeous colours.

It is quite expensive but the quality is exceptional.

I bought a soft grey one and we again used it exclusively for the last three years and it gets better and better with every wash.

But all of the sudden in the beginning of spring, I longed for a lighter color because our bedroom is super tiny and though the grey felt cosy in fall and winter but too heavy for spring and summer.

So I ordered the "Optical White" linen bedding via Mercis online store and it's such a dream.


So light and fresh and it feels so good against the skin. Because it's a natural material it automatically regulates the temperature in your bed: It's nice and cool in summer and warm in winter.

What's your favourite material for bedding? 

Cotton? Flanel? Satin? Seersucker?? Terry???


Happy Day,


Mondays With...

11 05 2015

a new candle holder plus a handmade black candle.

A gift from my super nice neighbours.

They brought it back for me from Denmark where they spent spring break.

Just so.

I think it's so pretty and surprise gifts are the best, aren't they?



Have a good start into the new week,



12 03 2015

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Happy Day,


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My Studio Space And A Little Dream

31 01 2015

I have my studio at home in a separate room.

It's working great that way because it gives me the most flexibility between family and work.

I also love to be able to close the door to my work space in the midst of the greatest chaos with no need to clean up every single day.

Meaning - it usually looks a lot messier than on these pictures :) 

studio space

The past months have been great for my business. I am really grateful for having so many wonderful customers and clients appreciating creative goods.

I do worked a lot though with basically no breaks - even on the weekends - so I feel a bit tired right now.

At least I try not to be late for bedtime.

But what about a little day break, too? I know people who swear on power naps. 

The thing is, I can't imagine going to the bedroom for a twenty minute day nap.

Neither to the sofa in front of the TV.

Just the thought of it feels energy draining instead of fueling to me and it would make me feel all lazy and old.

I know, crazy, right?

BUT - if I had a daybed or sofa right in my studio THEN...it would be all different.

The nap would theoretically still count as "work" and I would not feel too guilty :-)

You think I am just trying to make up reasons to buy a daybed? Maybe.

Let me dream a bit... 

studio work space

I would move the wool rack back to the front right corner closer to the window where it had already been before.

And the printer could move into the little storage room right across my table to be out of sight.

Then there would be exactly enough space for a daybed.

With plenty of nice pillows.  

I like the simple look of this one for example. 

Plus it could also serve as a bed for a guest.

We do have these two convertible sleeping chairs which look fine but honestly are not really nice to sleep on. 

green plants

Well - we'll see...

What about you - do you do daytime power naps if your schedule and location allows it?

Happy Day,


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