Little Ikea-Hack: Marble Table

23 05 2014

Recently I bought the little tray-table from the famous  Ikea Bråkig Collektion .

We use it often - it's a cute, lightweight little table around the sofa or just next to the kids who often play on the floor.

Sometimes I thought, it's a bit too lightweight because playing kids don't always watch out...

The other day I needed the tray from the table to get some things organized in my jewelry workshop.

I looked at the now bare frame and thought, that a marble top would look really nice. I have a little marble crush for a while now and really wanted a piece to prepare and photograph food on it.

So I immediately contacted two local stonemason places and asked for an estimate on a 2cm "Bianco" marble plate with a 56cm diameter.

One said  €80 - the other €250.

Ok - that was easy!

The plate was ready to be picked up after a few days and fitted perfectely onto the wooden table frame. It has a nice, heavy weight but I am still able to quickliy lift it up and place it on my counter.

Kneading dough works wonderful on it and the plate wipes easily clean. I tested it here .

Two things I wish I had payed attention to:

- I actually wanted a much whiter piece of marble with just a few light grey strands than the one I got. So, if you are picky you have to go to the stonemasonry and look at the piece of marble before they cut it into shape. Since it's a natural stone all pieces are different!

- Also take a good look at the surface of the plate before it is been cut. Mine has some matte spots which are only visible at an certain angle against back-light but if you want to photograph on it, it can be disturbing.

Ikea-Hack Marble table, Marmortisch DIY

Happy Weekend,


Loopy Mango Big Loop Yarn Now Available In My Shop

06 05 2014

I already told you a few weeks ago that I really love the "Big Knits".

And I still do! A lot! 

The big grey blanket is finished and once I have photographed it, I will show it here on the blog.

Meanwhile I placed an order with Loopy Mango from New York because I had an eye on their Big Loop Merino Yarn for a while now.

It finally arrived here in Germany and the yarn is just gorgeous!!! 

So soft and the colors are beyond my expectation. It was such a joy to unpack the parcel.

I ordered a few more of these gigantic skeins and though I actually would love to keep them all to myself I am trying to be brave here and put some in my DaWanda Shop.

One skein is 40 oz with approximately 120 yards and you knit or crochet this yarn with needle or hook size 25mm.

The skein comes with instructions for a beautiful little blanket called the “Nantucket Throw".

My family is crazy about this throw and everyone wants it to get cozy on the sofa or balcony. It has the perfect size to cover and warm your legs or to wrap it around the shoulders.

If you are interested in different colors from the Big Loop Merino collection  than the ones I picked just let me know and I can order them.

This yarn is hard to obtain in Germany.

Also please let me know if you want to be put on the e-mail list for future "Big Knits Workshops" in my studio. 

Happy Day,


Happy MAY

01 05 2014

Happy 1st May to you!

It's a holiday here in Germany and we are looking forward to a relaxed day at home.

We finally put all the lighting up and I will soon show you more pictures of our new home!

Meanwhile please take a look at my recent photos I did for "What do Bloggers collect"

I LOVE baskets. I admire the craft of handwoven baskets, the beautiful texture and color of the natural material and the fact, that they are so helpful for storing or carrying things around. I like to search for them while traveling to add unique ones to my collection. This way they are also beautiful memory keepers.

I own at least thirty baskets big and small - many of them are still lost in unpacked moving boxes - so these pictures just show a small part of my collection.

handwoven baskets

handwoven baskets

handwoven baskets

handwoven baskets

Happy Spring,



Favorite Wall Pictures

25 04 2014

I am still in the process of going through my photos to find my favorite pics.

A nice but time consuming task because there are so many hundreds...

It also took me a while, to figure out, what I want.

What kind of pictures do I want to see on our walls every day?

What colors fit the apartment?

Do they need to be technical good photographs?

During that process I found out, that the emotional connection I have to the motif matters the most to me.

So I picked these four to be printed in a larger format to go on one wall as a group.

The first one with the horses galloping along the shoreline is taken at Gemanys north coast where we like to go for horse riding camps.

Next shows Kuau Cove beach in front of Mama's Fishouse on Maui's beautiful north coast where we once spent a wonderful afternoon.

Dancing fall leaves taken on the village street we lived before we moved to the city.

And again a pic from Hawaii - snorkeling with these awesome creatures. We spent many vacations on the islands when our children were young because it was just a short trip from California where we used to live at that time.

Strandritt St. Peter Ording Mama's Fish House Kuau Cove Maui Hawaii

fall leaves, Herbstlaub snorkeling Maui's south coast

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P.S. Today I am invited by Gudy from Eclectic Trends to participate in her ongoing "What do bloggers collect" column.

Are you curious, what I collect? :-) Please hop over to Eclectic trends...