At Home

16 09 2013 Thinking About

copper and sheepskin, Kupfer und Schaffell

Katja from Raumfee hosts a wonderful series with the topic: At home

Every day for several weeks now she invited a blogger to interpret the topic.

It's amazing to read all these personal and individual stories. 

I also got a turn:

"At home is always somewhere else"

I love to travel because I love change, adventure and inspiration.

I actually dream about to spent a whole year traveling but my family is not excited about an adventure of such kind. 

It also wouldn't be an easy thing to pull off because german children have to attend school by law.

That means for now traveling can only happen during school breaks.

Luckily we were able to live abroad for a while and I will always cherish the years we spent in California.

Four years ago we relocated back to northern Germany. We moved into an furnished old village school house owned by a friend.

It was meant to be a temporarily location but turned into a longer stay until present.

Over the years more and more of our personal stuff moved in but still, it never really turned into "my home".

I always knew, we will move again - sooner or later - and that kept me from connecting with the heart.

So for now I just define "At Home" not with a location but with a few items I like to have around me for wellbeing - next to family and pets of course!

A cozy chair - a handwork project - flowers - a piece I brought home from afar (represented by the branch) - some decoration (I like copper and the plus-sign right now...)

copper and sheepskin, Kupfer und Schaffell copper and sheepskin, Kupfer und Schaffell

And later in the year I will add a new location to the "At Home-Feeling": We will move into this apartment.

And there it is: Change and adventure...EXCITING!

Happy Day and many thanks to dear Katja for the invitation.


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Kitsch & Cozy...

01 12 2012

...@ Bine and Andrea today. 

So, I have to show you "übercozy" Blitzi one more time again for all, who haven't seen this picture yet...

Happy first Advent, 


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Golden Times...

03 09 2012 Thinking About


At least in the home decoration world and here especially in form of large golden animals.

And don't forget the foliage - no good decoration these days without leafy greens...

But - honestly - my favorite is the unpretentious beautiful linen towel I found at Porch.

It's like in life - often less is more - don't you think?

XOXO, Anette 

A Visit to...Anthropologie

20 08 2012

Lucky you, if you live close to an Anthropologie store. As far as i know we have only one in Europe and that is in London - still far away from where i live in Germany...

So - whenever i have the change to see all their lovely things in real, nothing can stop me! Plus the sales staff of the Santa Barbara store is really sweet and invited me to shoot as many pictures as I wanted. Thank you!

Careful - here comes the flood...

And those cute grey white dotted sale pants went home with me!

What about you - Do you have a favorite store/company near by? What's its name? Do you prefer online shopping or the good old brick and mortar way?

Have a great week start,

XOXO, Anette