13 04 2016

Even with all the constant changes and the secret world of pin algorithm truth is, I still love to check regularly into my Pinterest.

It relaxes and inspires me to search for new pins and I have fun to create beautiful new boards.

My newest addition is a collaboration with AboutYou, a young german fashion online store.

AboutYou is truly all about you; helping you to find your very own individual fashion style out of hundreds of pieces and accessories by top brands.

With the help of filters and style consulting AboutYou makes great suggestions based on your preferences.

It was super easy for me to find pieces I like (truth is, I already put an order in... I fell in love with this jeans tunic...) and I will keep adding more pins together with other spring inspiration from around the web to this board in the next weeks - so please follow along if you like.


If you feel like AboutYou could be something for you as well, and you live in Germany, then you might want to be part of our great give away and take a chance to win a €150 voucher for AboutYou online shop.

Here is how to participate (ABOUT YOU delivers only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland):

1. Follow @ABOUTYOUDE  on Pinterest

2. Create a board named #ABOUTYOUxSPRING (it's important that your board name is spelled correctly - otherwise we can't find you!!)

3. Pin at least 5 products from AboutYou on that board


Super easy right? The winner will be chosen randomly on May 10th, 2016 and will get notified via Pinterest personal message.



Are YOU A Gypsetter?

19 08 2013

"Aren't you loving the Gypsetter-Style?", asked my California friend Lynda while I was marveling about this long lose fit flowing and beautifully embroidered caftan she was wearing. 

"Gyps -äh - WHAT???"

And then I learned what a Gypset and a Gypsetter is.

A Gypset is a person with an unconventional, bohemian approach to life and is characterized by a fashionable exoticism and down-to-earth ease.

And a Gypsetter is a Gypset who has perfected a high-low approach to life that fuses the freelance and nomadic wile of a gypsy with the sophistication and global references of the jet set. It's an alternative way of traveling and living that's based more on creativity then money.

AH - sounds great - doesn't it? 

And then I remembered a magazine article from years ago about the french Mignon-Sisters - THE Gypset-Icons - and their family clan.

I was absolutly fascinated back then by their amazing story. They travelled the world by ship, looked irresistibly beachy, supercool and beautiful with their "Free-Spirit-Hippie-Charm.

Now they run a hip shop and a little hotel in Mexico.

What an unconventional life...sounds like endless summer, happiness and sand between the toes.

"I NEED such a caftan!!!", was all I could think.

Maybe with a piece like that I could also transfer a piece of this glorious lifestyle feeling back home to northern Germany? 

But I also think about the tiny little village in lower saxony we live in and what a sighting I would be in that caftan on my way to get fresh rolls from the bakery.

I sigh deeply.

"Why?", says (clueless) Lynda, "Don't you have the Gypsetter-Style in Germany?"

I decide to visit lovely Rita in Summerland who runs Shop Bonita (and another shop for gypset men in Los Olivos called Toro) where you can find all gorgeous things for the love of Gypset Style. She has also a blog called Bonista.

Please come with me and take a look! 

Gypsetter lifestyle Gypsetter lifestyle

Gypsetter lifestyle Gypsetter lifestyle

Gypsetter lifestyle Gypsetter lifestyle

Gypsetter lifestyle Gypsetter lifestyle

Gypsetter lifestyle Gypsetter lifestyle

Gypsetter lifestyle Gypsetter lifestyle

Gypsetter lifestyle Gypsetter lifestyle

Rita was just busy organizing an event with designer Rocio G. who made these beautiful bags on the pictures.

Well - all caftans were sold out...

Good for Rita and maybe good for my reputation in the village :) 

I should have bought Julia Chaplins "Gypset Travel" to dream on...

Happy day,


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