Tea-Time And A Winner

26 11 2014

Thanks so much to all who participated in this print Give Away.

I loved reading about your favorite teas in the comments.

Seems like a lot of you like spicy teas with ginger or Chai Tea.

I love both, too.

Especially Chai on the weekends when there is more time to savor. 

My every day tea is a herb mixture from Sonnentor but I also change around. I don't really drink black tea because it makes me sleepless even if I let it brew longer.

There were 11 entries counted from the first comment on the bottom and random.org choose number 9. 

And that made me really happy.

Because Andrea wished the print for her husband who recently gave up coffee for health reasons. Very brave!!!


tea time

tea time

Happy Day,


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You Drink Coffee I Drink Tea My Dear - Print GIVE AWAY

23 11 2014

I recently ordered this  "You Drink Coffee I Drink Tea My Dear" print for myself.

Since I haven't had a cup of coffee in my life - that's really true - I swear! - I thought, it fits me quite well :)

It's made by the cool Berlin Label P&T.

After I ordered I got mail, that the shop had a special promotion and that I will soon receive a surprise gift.

A few days later my gift arrived.

It was a "You Drink Coffee I Drink Tea My Dear" print! 

Ha Ha - very funny.

But this print was from a limited edition and the letters were printed with tea!

You can read the Story here.

Really great! I love it!

You Drink Coffee I Drink Tea My Dear print

Meanwhile my original order with the black letters arrived, too.

What should I do with it?

It makes a great Christmas gift - yes - but I only have coffee drinking friends and family...

Yes, they all love an occasional tea, especially in winter time, but i don't think they would put up a print like this.

So I thought of you lovely readers!

Would somebody love to have this print? Not this one from the picture - that's mine now - the other one with the black letters.

If you like to participate in the Give Away please leave a comment until Monday 24th of November.

Let me know what your favorite tea is at the moment if you like.

The winner will be chosen by random.org 

Happy Day,


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