Peaceful Green And Thoughts On "American Blogger"

11 04 2014

I am having a green crush lately... :-)

It's such a calming and peaceful color.

green plant crush

green plant crush

green plant crush

green plant crush

Speaking of peaceful...have you seen the "American Blogger" trailer, yet?

I read on my Instagram feed that there is a lot of harsh criticism going on since the trailer went online a couple days ago.

Most of the critics come especially from bloggers! Isn't that ironic?

It's a mystery to me why people do this to each other. Making others lives miserable (and their own life too in my opinion) by participating in those kind of shit-storms.

I feel especially bad for the person who created the documentary no one hasn't even seen yet besides the few trailer minutes. 

Creativity has millions of ways to express - that's the beauty of it! You either like what a creative person does or not. Very simple.

NO need to hurt and denounce a creative work.

Have a peaceful and happy weekend,


Green Tomatoes

03 10 2013

We live close to a plantation who grows mainly apples but also wonderful tomato varieties like this tasty green one.

Isn't the yellow-green pattern amazing?

Loving natures bounty...

green tomato by, grüne Tomate

More "green" is collected at Nic's today.

Today we celebrate the unity of Germany!

It commemorates the anniversary of the german reunification in 1990.

Happy Day, Anette 

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New Food Blogs Finds And Long Time Favorites

02 04 2012 Market day

I'm REALLY impressed by Foodblogs!

What a dedicated and admirable effort...

Well thought out planning - perfect timing - excellent mouthwatering pictures... 

And always in the danger of over done baking, frying, steaming.... 

And then the cleaning...


You hear me...

Cooking and baking are not really my thing.

But I LOVE eating!!!

Here is where I'm heating up my appetite lately: 

Zucker Zimt & Liebe 

Call me Cupcake 


Seelische Kost 


La Tartine Gourmande 

Journey Kitchen 


And my All Time Favourites:


Green Kitchen Storys 

What Katie ate 


All these wonderful springy and fresh pictures by La Tartine Gourmande


Herbs and Spices

25 04 2011 Happy World
Sonnentor Herbs and Spices
Sonnentor Herbs and Spices

There is one company i have been really enjoying since i discovered it in my local health food store shortly after moving from the US: the company's name is SONNENTOR and the translation to this name is SUN DOOR. Not only is this a beautiful brand name for the kind of products they produce - it's literally like opening a door and the most wonderful, life giving sunshine is pouring right into your heart or - onto and into your food, so to speak.

i hope, by now, you are really curious what i am marveling about.......

Pasta with Sonnentor sprinkles
Pasta with Sonnentor sprinkles

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