Moody Market

21 07 2014

We had amazing summer weather over the weekend with temperatures as high as 34 degree!

So today my eyes were longing for some soft, darker pictures with less light after all this sun :-)

Don't get me wrong - I love the sun and the heat - just a little Monday market moment to relax... Farmers market Pictures Farmers market Pictures Farmers market Pictures Farmers market Pictures Farmers market Pictures

Happy New Week to You!


Today is MakroMontag... 


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It Is This Time Of The Year...

24 06 2014

When the beautiful spring onions are back at market.

We love to eat them raw in salads or make a simple and delicious scallion soup. Please find my recipe here.

And they also look really pretty :) 

onion by

onion field by

onion by

Happy Day,


Some Of My Favorite Fall Veggies

17 10 2013

...are onions and carrots.

Loving the orange and creme tones and of course the sweet taste summer has left for us...

carrots and onions from the farmers market by, Karotten und Zwiebeln

BIWYFI today @ luzia pimpinella 

Happy Day,


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Watermelon Cake

19 07 2013

I made this cake!!!

Wahhhh - that is special for me because I do not bake a lot and barely share any food and recipes here on Lebenslustiger. 

Well - technically this cake isn't baked either...

If you like, please find the recipe and how the cake is done over at Luzia Pimpinella where I am guest-blogging today.

Watermelon cake with coconut frosting, Wassermelonentorte mit Kokosnuss

Thank you for the invitation, dear Nic!

Happy Weekend,


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