Old And New Favorites

11 12 2013

I know

Jewelry again.

But it's this time of the year... 

Today I would like to show you a new addition to my shops.

I bought these facetted (two Moonstones are actually smooth as shown on the picture) semiprecious gem drops back in summer but needed time to think about how I wanted to work them into a piece.

I was really longing for a very reduced design, because I wanted the focus to be on the beautiful stone.

So I came up with using just a thin but sturdy grey or brown jewelry thread instead of a chain.

I am wearing mine for 3 months straight now without taking it off and the thread is working great.  

The closure is a simple spring ring and the gem drop is accompanied by tiny facetted metal beads .

The colors shown on the pictures are true to reality and the largest gems (here in my shop) are about 12x9mm. The smaller ones are about 8x5mm and you can find them here in my shop.

I have a few more colors available, so please ask, if you are interested. 

And old favorite of mine are my leather bracelets with the facetted metal beads.

I personally wear the two different designs - the one with the beads running on top (available here) and the other with a rows of beads on each side (available here) or at my Etsy shop.

The closure is a simple knot. 

I never take them off - I shower and bath with them and amazingly they are still absolutely nice. They get even prettier! The natural leather darkens over time.

They are available in natural or dark brown leather with either silver, brass or copper colored metal beads.

jewelry by lebenslustiger.com, Schmuck von Lebenslustiger.com jewelry by lebenslustiger.com, Schmuck von Lebenslustiger.com

jewelry by lebenslustiger.com, Schmuck von Lebenslustiger.com jewelry by lebenslustiger.com, Schmuck von Lebenslustiger.com

jewelry by lebenslustiger.com, Schmuck von Lebenslustiger.com

Happy Day,


Weekend Cozy

30 11 2013

Just a quick hello to you

wishing you a cozy weekend

and a happy first advent. 

I wanted to let you know, how very moved and touched I am by all your lovely comments for the bracelet Give Away (you can still join in until tomorrow!)

My fingers are itching to respond to each and every sweet comment telling me, how much you like what I am doing.

But for the sake of keeping it organized I refrain from responding. Please be assured I carry your kind words in my heart, feeling so blessed and fueled by it.

leather bracelets by lebenslustiger.com, Lederarmbänder von Lebenslustiger.com leather bracelets by lebenslustiger.com, Lederarmbänder von Lebenslustiger.com


Happy Weekend,


New To My DaWanda Shop

04 10 2013 Goldsmithing
earrings by lebenslustiger.com, Ohrhänger

I am really happy with these beautiful new colors!

Every pair is only one time available...

More information on the material, size and pricing here in my DaWanda Shop.

Thanks so much for visiting,

Happy Day,


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Color comes!

19 01 2012 DIY

Oh, to hear that makes me REALLY happy!

As an inspiration for our living space as well as for jewelry making I love to browse interior magazines.

It's so wonderful to dream about all these amazing furniture pieces, floor and wall designs, decorations, tips, ideas...and OF COURSE it's also fun to peek how others choose to live via home story's.

Don't you agree?

So, right now many of my favorite magazines or blogs like ELLE DECORATION, DECO HOME or DECOR 8  share their color finds:

green walls with pink ceilings, beautifully over dyed oriental rugs, flowers and birds on sofas and tables, intense blue pillows, yellow throws....

I like, what Sabine Nedelchev - editor in chief at Elle Decoration says about color:" Color is a risk, yes,..., BUT (also) the chance, that you will be the winner with your color confession! A winner, who gains enormous energy, admiration, aesthetics, and liveliness." 


I always dreamed about creating a bright and colorful jewlery collection and I'm glad to see it coming alive! 

For me, color is like a kind and friendly extra language: it speaks to you; it expresses your feelings, cheers you up, comforts, changes your mood, tells story's about you, brightens your day...

I love to wear a colorful piece of jewlery for all those reasons...

Smart in combination with soft natural clothing tones, always powerful with black and grey one's or joyful and exuberant with even more colors and patterns.

There is just no limit for colors! 

What about you - Do you have a (color) limit? 

And since it's Friday, please say hello to Steffi and Mr. Linky...