Mailart With Copper Letters

22 04 2013 DIY

Another fun idea from Tabea and Müllerin Art: Die Frühlingspost!

After December's wonderful Adventspost it was now time to get creative with spring poetry:

"Frühling läßt sein blaues Band

Wieder flattern durch die Lüfte

Süße, wohlbekannte Düfte

Streifen ahnungsvoll das Land

Veilchen träumen schon,

Wollen balde kommen

Horch, von fern ein leiser Harfenton!

Frühling, ja Du bist's!

Dich hab ich vernommen!"

Divided into 9 lines means there will be 9 weeks of Spring in the mail :-)

My 9 partners are:

Blickgewinkelt, Schreibtischwelten, Östlich der Sonne und westlich vom Mond, gabsARTig, Steffi's Papierzauber, GRISCHArte and Frollein Enerim. 

Once all cards have arrived it will be summer (I love that thought!!!) and I will show you all cards i have received. 

My line was: Streifen ahnungsvoll das Land...

I  again used copper tape (like I did for the Advent mail art) and tried to engrave the letters from the back side. It didn't always work perfectly but I think it is readably. Some Masking tape and a little spring bracelet and off to the post office to bring joy!

Mailart with copper letters

Mailart with copper letters Mailart with copper letters

Mailart with copper letters Mailart with copper letters

Mailart with copper letters

Happy Day,


Pimp my Folder

19 02 2012 DIY

It's February - that means...

back to school for the 2nd term - new teachers - new folders - new luck...

Friendly pupil question: "Sir, do you prefer a certain folder color for your lesson?"

Bugged teacher answer:"Brown stripes with orange dots!"

Ahhhh - NICE one!

You should ALWAYS take a teacher's word with a grain of salt, right... though sometimes taking it literally is fun as well:

Easy-peasy...2 minutes and 2 meters masking tape later...

Thanks for this assignment, Sir!


I FINALLY opened my DAWANDA shop!!! Please visit:

Please let me know what you think! xoxo  


12 02 2012 DIY

I still owe you that little secret a trend scout birdie wispered in my ear at Maison&Objet in Paris:


Uhhhhh - REALLY???

Well - I don't know...

BUT - I DO know, that these thin copper sheets are a lot fun to work with.

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All you need is a working surface, scissors and a tool with a not to sharp tip - I like to use a wooden knitting needle - to press into the sheets.

With Valentine very much arround the corner, I thought to write some love notes...

I think, this technik is also called embossing, right?

I LOVED writing 'into' the metal! 

If you first do it very light, you can turn the piece and write on the back side mirror-inverted. This way your writing will be raised from the surface instead of being pushed in.

Ad some beloved masking tape to back side and edges e - VOILÀ...

Copper DID come to my house!

What about you?

Will you invite this color in your home???