I Bet You Have Not Seen Something Like This - Little Dandelion K1S1

13 05 2015 DIY

Have you yet seen the wool work of Jacqui Fink from Little Dandelion?

It's SO amazing and inspiring!

Extremely large scale and oh so creative.

She just came out with her own yarn called K1S1 - "knit one/share one" and I brought it over to Germany to have it available for European customers here in my DaWanda Shop.

As I said it in this post, importing yarn from the US or now from Australia is a giant hassle with lots of 'stones', paperwork, high fees and costs in the way but I do it anyway because I love those special products and I love to make new experiences.

And it is definitely a fun new experience to knit with large needles and yarn like this! 

K1S1 comes in 5kg(!) bumps and it's an extra thick, felted 100% natural white Merino yarn.

Because it's felted the finished project is quite durable and less prone to pilling.

It also allows really airy and large stitches.

Wonderful for throws or wall-hangings.

With one 5kg bump you can make a throw in the approximate size of 120cmx160cm with no need of yarn joins.

Available are also the original giant knitting needles. 50(!)mm in diameter and with a length of 1.10m.

The needle endings are handcrafted from wood and one stick approximately weights 550gr.

So, no need to hit the gym anymore because you will work out while you knit... ;) 

Please see Little Dandelion for much more information and pictures and project ideas.





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More Rose Gold Ring Love

20 05 2013 Jewelry/Schmuck

I am really in love with the beautiful color of rosé gold.

Pure gold is yellow in color but it is rarely used pure because it is very soft.

So - usually gold will be alloyed with other elements like zinc, silver and copper in various portions to make it harder and more resistant but also to create different colors.

Generally the addition of more silver will color gold white and the addition of more copper will color it rosé.

I added 3 more ring designs to the existing collection.

rosé gold ring collection, Roségold Ringe rosé gold ring with rose quartz, Roségoldring mit Rosenquarz

This large beautiful soft rose quartz cabochon fits the rosé tone of the gold ring perfectly.

It is also available with a smoky rock quartz, too as shown on the left picture.

And I offer matching bracelets to these rings as well. 

The ring is made of 925 silver, is rosé gold plated and costs 79Euro + shipping and handling.

Available ring sizes 52, 54, 56 and 58.

To order please sent an e-mail to: lebenslustiger(at)gmail.com and see more order information here.

The next design is a ring with an open round circle for 29Euro + shipping and handling.

Available ring sizes 52, 54, 56 and 58.

Again - it is made of 925 silver rosé gold plated. 

Rosé gold ring, Roségoldring Rosé gold ring collection, Roségold Ringe

And the last one is a super cute twisted ring made of 925 silver rosé gold plated and with a tiny facetted zircon for 29 Euro + shipping and handling.

Really adorable and also available in size 52, 54, 56 and 58. 

rosé gold ring, Roségoldring rosé gold ring collection, Roségoldringe

You can order all rings directly via e-mail: lebenslustiger(at)gmail.com 

Paypal or wire transfer to my German or US bank account. 

rosé gold twisted ring, Roségoldring mit gedrehter Ringschiene rosé gold ring with rose quartz, Roségoldring mit Rosenquarz

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