(Neck)-Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs DIY

08 04 2014 DIY

Maybe you have seen and done this DIY already but I hadn't and just came across it on Pinterest.

I knew immediately I HAD to try this because of the surprise factor :) 

You need:

- some patterned REAL SILK neck ties or a scarf or blouse from the thrift store (it only works with 100% silk!)

- some white un-cooked eggs (you can carefully do it with blown-out eggs, too) 

- additional fabric scraps, for example from an old pillow case 

- sturdy yarn

- scissors

- a large pott to cook the wrapped eggs 

- vinegar 

neck tie dyed easter eggs, Ostereier färben mit Schlips neck tie dyed easter eggs, Ostereier färben mit Schlips

If you are going to use a tie cut the silk off the lining and then cut into pieces large enough to wrap around an egg.

Carefully wrap the eggs with the "good side" of the fabric directly onto the egg. Try to do it as smoothly as possible.

Tie with the yarn without breaking the egg! :)

Now wet the egg a bit and try to wrap some more yarn around the egg - especially along the overlapping parts of the fabric.

The egg will only take the color from the fabric if it has direct contact to it.

Now take your additional fabric scraps and wrap the wrapped eggs again. This helps to contain the colors.

All wrapped up?

Then off to the stove. Fill a large pot with water and add about 5 tablespoons vinegar. Add the wrapped eggs to the cold water and bring to boil.

Simmer them for at least 20min.

And now for the fun surprise part!!!

Carefully get your eggs out of the hot water with a spoon and lay it onto a towl.

Now patiently wait until they have cooled down. 


You are like me and you could NEVER wait that long so you start to unwrap the hot egg...


You rinse them in cold water...

Anyway - it's really fun to un-wrap the little packages to see, if it has worked or not!!!

It depends on the fabric and how much contact it had to the surface of the egg whether the colors and patterns show well or only light.

I think, they are always kind of pretty and they are always one-of-a-kind and unique - no matter how...

You can rub a little bit of oil on to make the eggs shiny.

Please note, because of the fabric dyes the eggs are NOT edible! 

neck tie dyed easter eggs, Ostereier färben mit Schlips neck tie dyed easter eggs, Ostereier färben mit Schlips

neck tie dyed easter eggs, Ostereier färben mit Schlips neck tie dyed easter eggs, Ostereier färben mit Schlips

I even had a tie with horses and horseshoes on - perfect for my horse girl... 

Happy Easter Time!


P.S. Today is Creadienstag and Upcycle Day @ Ninas Werkeltagebuch

Late Easter Eggs And Confessions

02 04 2013

Better late than never, right? :)

I actually had not planed to show you these eggs we spontaneously made Sunday afternoon while having tea and cake but i like how they turned out and thought you might like them too...

I blew out about 10 eggs in the morning (so we had plenty of yummy scrambled easter eggs...), rinsed them well and dried them on the heater.

When I went into my studio in the afternoon to grab a few markers from my desk for coloring the eggs I found this Candle-Liner I had bought before Christmas. It was hidden under a stack of stuff! (Confession: I am a really chaotic person - you do NOT want to see my desk...)

This unfortunately happens a lot to me. I live on the countryside and when I finally get to go to the city's craft-shop, I tend to buy a lot of things because seeing all the supplies out there gets me all excited and many new ideas come to my head. Then I get home and there are always a thousand other things I have to do first before i can get crafty and life goes on and other ideas come and so forth...so I just forget what I actually wanted to do in first place and this is how some supplies get buried under stuff...I hope, that sounds familiar to at least a couple of you...

Anyway - this Candle-Liner is basically liquid paint wax and it's intended to decorate candles. It comes out of the "pen" in a medium line and you can easily draw a pattern with it. It is all white and soft first and needs to dry for an hour or so. Depends on the thickness. I drew some feather designs in literally seconds.

Yes, I could have just used glitter medium and glitter for this project or a glitter pen but the Liner was so much less messy and not runny! And I also like that the design is only gently glittered.

easter eggs with feather ornament easter eggs with feather ornament

Easter egg with feather ornament Easter egg with feather ornament

Happy Day and have fun with Creadienstag