Things You Don't Know About Me, Upcoming Plans And A Winner

22 10 2014

... or you probably don't know about me.

Because I still don't have a proper 'About' page!

I don't know...just hope, I will surprise myself at some point and just get it done.

While I am still busy as a bee working in my jewelry/wool studio, you can - if you like - read a bit more about me over at other places:

&Magazine interviewed and featured me in their Blogscreen series (in german) and at the Roest Haakt Blog I share my favorite five yarns to work with (in english).

Super chunky hat

Upcoming DIY Plans:

I finally finally want to share tips on how to make a mega thick blanket like this one I knitted back in January and February.

Plus I developed an easy way to felt larger amounts of felt-ropes. Very excited about that and I am planing to write down the process in an e-book.

And now to my recent Give Away:

First let me say that I am totally blown away by your support! I would have never ever thought I will make it to the top of the newcomer finalists for the upcoming Designachten show in my neighbor city since two other finalists had a head start of me and at first it seemed pretty hopeless that I would be able to catch up.

But thanks to YOU I did and that's so awesome. One reader wrote to me that she forced all her work colleagues to vote for me :-)

Out of the 44 (1 was via e-mail) comment entries picked no.1(!) as the winner of a knitted hat. Congratulations!!!

And again thanks so much to everybody who voted for me! 

Happy Day,


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Big Loop Knitted Hat Tutorial

29 08 2014 DIY

Oh I know I know...none of us want's to talk about fall and winter yet, but fact is, the nights are getting colder and the season change is lingering in the air.

But I have something for you to sweeten the farewell of summer:

A super cozy and chunky hat tutorial.

So fun to make and wear!

Chunky Hat Tutorial by

Chunky Hat Tutorial by

It's made of Loopy Mango Big Loop yarn which is available in my Shop or directly at Loopy Mango NY.

You can also use any other mega chunky yarn.

The pattern is similar to the Helsinki hat by Loopy Mango but less in height and I used much thinner needles, because I didn't have thicker ones.

This wool is just gorgeous and my goal was, not to waste even a tiny bit of this precious yarn.

So I wanted to get two hats out of a 36m skein - and it worked!

Here come the patterns for an adult size hat and a kids size hat with a fun bobble on top. 

For two hats you will need:

- About 36m of Big Loop Yarn

- A set of needles size 15mm/US size 19 ( if you have needles size 20mm/US size 36 and you want to use those, please keep in mind, that you might need more yarn)

If you want to use circular needles instead of a set there is a technique called "magic-loop-method".

Someone recently mentioned it to me in the comment section in one of my other tutorials. But I haven't tried that technique yet.

Ok! Let's start with the adult version (and of course you can also add the bobble to the adult version!!!)

Adult hat pattern 

Round 1: Cast on 18 Stitches 

The yarn length you need for casting on is about 3m. Don't pull too tight while casting on.

Generally it's better to knit this yarn fairly loose because you are using small needles for this size of yarn. The yarn needs to be able to breathe a bit.

Make sure there is no twist when you connect to a loop. 

Chunky Hat Tutorial by Chunky Hat Tutorial by


Please click on : Continue reading "Big Loop Knitted Hat Tutorial" a little bit further down for the full tutorial!

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Knitted Dishtowel Tutorial

27 05 2014 DIY

Oh my - so far I owned only ugly kitchen towels!

I didn't even noticed that fact in my old kitchen but now I needed some pretty ones to hang up in my new kitchen.

I still love to use these crocheted chevron cotton dishcloths I made. They get even better and better every time after they have been in the washing machine so I thought I will make some dishtowels as well.

It's a very simple geometric knitted pattern which you can easily change to the size you need.

knitted dishtowel tutorial by

Knitted dishtowel tutorial, gestricktes Geschirrhandtuch

I used a 100% cotton yarn because I want to be able to wash it on a hot cycle.

For one towel you will need 100gr yarn with a length of about 170m and needle size 4.0 - 5.0 

I casted on 72 stitches.

That makes 7 times the geometrical pattern of 8 stitches plus the border of 8 stitches on each side. 9x8=72 stitches.

Before I started the pattern I knitted the bottom border.

My pattern drawing shows only the "right side" of the knitting.

~ means: knit on the right side and knit on the wrong side

V means: purl on the right side and knit on the wrong side

• means: knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side

I repeated the pattern 7 times and then did the top border. 

Then I used a natural undyed leather strap which I simply knotted through one of the stitches in the border.

Beforehand I washed the leather together with a piece of sample knitting to make sure it won't stain the knitting. 

Knitted dishtowel tutorial, gestricktes Geschirrhandtuch Knitted dishtowel tutorial, gestricktes Geschirrhandtuch Knitted dishtowel tutorial, gestricktes Geschirrhandtuch

The grey painted wooden hooks are from HKliving and come with a screw and a screw anchor.

The large one measures 12x12cm and the small one 6x6cm.

Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in purchasing a hook.

Happy Day,


PS. Today is Creadienstag

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Good Bye And Welcome

23 08 2013

Last cherries...

First warmer knitting project...

sweet cherries, Süßkirschen

Madeline Tosh knitting sweet cherries, Süßkirschen

Madeline Tosh knitting

sweet cherry pit, Kirschkern und Stiel

Happy Weekend,


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