I Bet You Have Not Seen Something Like This - Little Dandelion K1S1

13 05 2015

Have you yet seen the wool work of Jacqui Fink from Little Dandelion?

It's SO amazing and inspiring!

Extremely large scale and oh so creative.

She just came out with her own yarn called K1S1 - "knit one/share one" and I brought it over to Germany to have it available for European customers here in my DaWanda Shop.

As I said it in this post, importing yarn from the US or now from Australia is a giant hassle with lots of 'stones', paperwork, high fees and costs in the way but I do it anyway because I love those special products and I love to make new experiences.

And it is definitely a fun new experience to knit with large needles and yarn like this! 

K1S1 comes in 5kg(!) bumps and it's an extra thick, felted 100% natural white Merino yarn.

Because it's felted the finished project is quite durable and less prone to pilling.

It also allows really airy and large stitches.

Wonderful for throws or wall-hangings.

With one 5kg bump you can make a throw in the approximate size of 120cmx160cm with no need of yarn joins.

Available are also the original giant knitting needles. 50(!)mm in diameter and with a length of 1.10m.

The needle endings are handcrafted from wood and one stick approximately weights 550gr.

So, no need to hit the gym anymore because you will work out while you knit... ;) 

Please see Little Dandelion for much more information and pictures and project ideas.





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How To Braid A Necklace From A Single Knitted I-Cord

01 05 2015

If you know and like my tutorial on how to knit an I-Cord you maybe want to know how to braid the necklace shown in the tutorial.

Here we go:

Depending on the length you wish for your braided necklace knit one single cord that is between 4m(13 foot) and 5m(16,5 foot) long.

This pale pink one I am showing on these pictures was 4,30meter(14foot) long and the finished, braided necklace has a hanging length of about 55cm(22inch).

Measured all the way around about 110cm(44inch) 

How to knit a cord and braid a necklace with it

OK - lay out your long strand exactly like shown in the picture (of course you don't need to lay it into a s-shape - I just needed to do that to fit the picture )

But it's important that you have a longer end at the bottom! 

Now just start braiding - not too loose and not too tight.

Yes, it's starts to tangle but you have one open end so you can carefully detangle it after every few braiding moves.  

Always hold and secure your already braided part and detangle just with one hand or ask another person to untangle it.

Keep going until it's all braided. 

How to knit a cord and braid a necklace with it How to knit a cord and braid a necklace with it

Ideally it will look like this finished (following picture).

Now you have different options to close the necklace.

You could just fasten each ending with the help of the yarn endings onto the curved part on each side to secure each ending of the necklace and if your yarn is still long enough you can make a knot and a bow with the yarn endings to close the necklace.

If your yarn endings are long enough to secure the endings but not to make a bow, you could just do a simple braid with some extra yarn, fix that onto your endings and have that as a closure.

Or you could take a nice band of fabric (small or wider) and thread that through the braids and tie a pretty looking bow - it's so easy to do it because of the larger scale of this project. No needles needed - just your fingers!

Sorry for not showing these different options in pictures but I am sure you get the ideas or come up with your own.

How to knit a cord and braid a necklace with it

I decided to close the necklace as less visible as possible. 

To do that, you have to be a little creative and see, how it could work best and maybe just try a bit around.

I hope, the pictures show, how I did it, because its's a bit difficult to explain with words. 

First I put the round parts onto each other. 

How to knit a cord and braid a necklace with it How to knit a cord and braid a necklace with it

After I put the round parts onto each other I took the left ending and thread it over the top round part through the middle hole all the way to the backside.

And then the right ending coming from the back all way through the same middle hole to the front. 

Then - with the help of the yarn endings - I knotted each ending tight to a random stitch, cut the yarn shorter and weaved it in with my fingers.

How to knit a cord and braid a necklace with it How to knit a cord and braid a necklace with it

That's it!

How to knit a cord and braid a necklace with it

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Self Employment Means...

19 11 2014

- in my case - I basically work ALWAYS!

It's very hard for me to find the discipline to keep a good work-life balance and I am still not really good at it.

Even though I have been self employed my whole work life. 

And that's been a while.

Because I am not in my twenties anymore - actually not even in my thirties...ups, I almost finished the forties! 

All this got clear to me when I was interviewed by a german newspaper who printed this DIY together with their questions and my answers.

And one of those questions was about the history of my employment. 

I had opened a little jewelry workshop and studio right after I finished my desgin studies back in the beginning of the nineties.

I went on fairs and exhibitions, sold to galleries and to my own customers for many years.

Materials were ordered from catalogs and my invoices were written by hand.

That was all BEFORE the internet and smart phones became widely available!

I had nothing to do with computers and would have never guessed, that this would change some day...

Then I became a mother to two beautiful children and we relocated to California for about ten years.

After returning back to Germany I had to made a decision what to do professionally.

I had many interests besides design and wasn't sure, if I wanted to pick up where I had left.

Everything had changed and designers were now online.

I had no clue about computers and online market places at all. 

A friend of mine had already a Shop at DaWanda and took me to Berlin for a workshop.

I still remember the train trip back home that evening when I thought: OK - sounds interesting - I could give it a try...

Fast forward and LOTS of learning and new experiences later - I now have three online shops: DaWanda, Etsy and on NOTHS.

I have this blog and do a lot styling and photography for clients.

Life is good.

I just need to learn that balance thing...


Happy Day,


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A BIG Fat Pompon

11 11 2014
Chunky hat by Lebenslustiger.com

Chunky hat by Lebenslustiger.com

First time that I made a big fat pompon out of Loopy Mango Big Loop Yarn for an order.

I din't use a cardboard frame for it. Just held the yarn in my hand like I do with my usual pompons I make for the chunky hats (see tutorial here)

Only that I did as much loops as I could possible hold in my hand.

Then I had help tying it together and fasten it tight.

I cut all loops open and carefully pulled the thin thread out of each ending and gave a haircut to make the pompon nice and round.

Voilá - are you a cool cat wearing a giant pompon on your hat? :-)

Happy Day,


Today is Creadienstag

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