19 12 2012

What a wonderful idea!

Almost 300 bloggers participated in a gift exchange.

And look what i got! 

Isn't that a super cute little bracelet? I LOVE it!!!! And the nail polish has a beautiful wintery color - there were also two tiny stamps.

I can't wait to make little silver pendants with them... 

My partner for this fun event that was organized by LiebeleiBlogwichteln was Zoe von Golden&Pink and I send her a BIG kiss and a BIG hug for such nice presents.

It is a really wonderful and uplifting feeling to know, a stranger has put much thought into picking something special to make you happy.

And of course I was more than happy to do the same for Zoe.

And of course it had to be pink and golden... 

But why on earth did I then sent her a SILVER colored bracelet and necklace...

I can't say...must be some sort of Christmas blindness...

Oh well - she said, she loved it anyway... 

So - hang in there - enjoy and have a happy day, 


Tea Lights With Washi Tape

11 09 2012 DIY

September in Germany...

30 degrees...


And what did I do?

I lighted candles and crocheted a wool beanie for myself!

Really - it's true!

I love how the beanie turned out and as soon as i find somebody to take a picture of me and my new head gear I will show it to you.

Meanwhile I leave you with this über-simple DIY:

Tea lights + Washi Tape 

Enjoy summers last bits, 

XOXO, Anette 

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