Tea-Time And A Winner

26 11 2014

Thanks so much to all who participated in this print Give Away.

I loved reading about your favorite teas in the comments.

Seems like a lot of you like spicy teas with ginger or Chai Tea.

I love both, too.

Especially Chai on the weekends when there is more time to savor. 

My every day tea is a herb mixture from Sonnentor but I also change around. I don't really drink black tea because it makes me sleepless even if I let it brew longer.

There were 11 entries counted from the first comment on the bottom and random.org choose number 9. 

And that made me really happy.

Because Andrea wished the print for her husband who recently gave up coffee for health reasons. Very brave!!!


tea time

tea time

Happy Day,


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Holidays Without Stress

25 12 2013

...is my wish for you and actually myself, too.

Hopefully you can spent lot's of time with your family and/or friends. Sit together, go for a walk, play, relax and of course have a delicious meal together.

It's so precious to create these moments which will become wonderful memories to keep.

I worked until the very last minute yesterday but we spent a wonderful Christmas Eve together with family.

Today I will pack for Austria - if you like to follow along our mountain trip, here is my Instagram.

Thanks so much for visiting lebenslustiger.com. I am so grateful for my dear readers and customers. You are the best!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!!! 

Helleborus Christrose by lebenslustiger.com

Helleborus Christrose by lebenslustiger.com

Happy Holidays,