Joyful Spring

17 03 2013

In a moment I will get on my pony for the very first time!

Her name is "Vicki" and she is an  austrian mountain horse - a Haflinger.

Funny - because we are at the north shore of Germany right now - flat land as far as you can see...

On our way up here we stopped at a flower stand and I thought you might enjoy a little spring flower greeting on a Sunday. 

springflowers germany

springflowers germany

springflowers germany

springflowers germany

Happy Spring,


What I Am Doing For Springbreak

15 03 2013


I am sure, you can guess... 

This time my children talked me into riding a horse MYSELF! WAHHHHHH...

I will let you know, if that is really going to happen:)

At least i bought second hand riding pants and boots...

Wish me luck please - last time I have been on a horse is more than 30!!! years ago.

But I love them...hope, that counts. 

Happy Springbreak,


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