Favorite Places: Bedroom

05 09 2013

Favorite places are collected @ Nic's today.

I have many favorite places.

Under this amazing tree for example.

Or at this wonderful beach.

Or a visit to my beloved farmers market. 

But right now my favorite place of all favorite places is my bedroom!

My days are currently jam-packed with so many things to take care of like lots of work, moving to the city, new school...

that I often end up working at night as well and that means time spending in bed is so precious and always too short.


Bedroom Schlafzimmer

I like this bedroom I photographed at Upstairs.

What about you? 

Happy Day,


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Happiness Or The Big Luck

22 08 2013

Nic is collecting "Glück" today.

In Germany this word has two meanings:

Happiness or luck.

I am very blessed to have happiness in my life. And I am very grateful for it.

Still I also like to search for it because it is a fascinating topic. I wrote about it here and here.

My biggest "luck": Our two wonderful children!

One already taler than me and the other one is getting closer, too. :)

Today I am also happy because I have been invited by Die Raumfee to talk about what "home" means to me.

Please visit Katja - I am revealing big news over there!

Thank you for having me, dear Katja!

Happy Day,


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