Top 100 Art Blogs To Follow In 2013

25 02 2013

Woohoo - I made the list of the top 100 art blogs to follow in 2013 - and not even just as number 100 or 99, but - wait for it - 45 (fourtyfive!) - yeah!

INFOGRAPHIC 100 art blogs

Click on the link below for the full list... (and then scroll a while to get to No 45 :) )

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I Wish I Could...

21 02 2013 at the ocean right now looking into a bright blue sky like this one and playing in the warm sand...

Instead I am stuck in bed being sick with a cold looking at my room ceiling...

Stay well or get better soon if you don't feel well too.


P.S. More Bright Blue is collected @ Nic's today.