Lazy Grey

01 09 2013 this months color theme for Color Me Happy.

I immediately thought of this lazy group of elephant seals I photographed on our trip down Highway No.1

You can find the rookery between Cambria and Hearst Castle

So cozy and relaxed...

elephant seals between Hearst Castle and Morro Bay

Wishing you a wonderful lazy Sunday,


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Highway No.1 Between Monterey And Morro Bay

11 08 2013

Happy Sunday!

Are you up for a "little" inspirational drive going south on Highway No.1?

Late afternoon - the sun started to set and the often present fog lingered around...

(please click "continue reading" below, if you like to see my pictures from the coastline taken between Monterey and Morro Bay on our recent trip to California)

Big Sur coastline in the late afternoon

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