Full Swing Into Spring

13 01 2016

Happy Hello dear readers!!

With fresh soft colored spring flowers I bought from market for our kitchen the new year feels already full in swing and gets me excited about spring.

I know I know....it will be a while though but the days are getting longer bit by bit and each day we will get closer to spring...

Not that I mind a few more crisp and snowy days on the way...we'll see what nature holds.

May the New Year also hold lots of health and happiness for you and your loved ones.

loft kitchen

loft kitchen hyacinthus

loft kitchen

Happy Day,


Our Tropical Bathroom

02 07 2015 DIY

Well - it's not super tropical but hey, we have a Yucca palm tree and a pineapple rug and an elephant at the wall.

AND a hammock on the balcony in front of the bathroom! :)

Beside this, the bathroom is just simple and funktional.

The mirror cabinets are from Ikea and each of us four has one half of a cabinet to fill with stuff needed.

That way everything stays pretty organized and the counter is decluttered and easy to clean. 

The industrial light is from HKLiving and I crocheted the pineapple rug with a pattern by Wood&Wool Stool.

I modified the pattern slightly because I did not have enough fabric yarn. 

tropical bathroom with pineapple rug by lebenslustiger.com

The giant elephant (it is an entire elephant - I just wasn't able to get all of it on the picture!) and its small feathered friends are wall tattoos from KEK Amsterdam .

I love them and always have to smile when looking at them.

tropical bathroom with pineapple rug by lebenslustiger.com

Happy Day,