On Days Like These...

18 12 2013

...I am working from morning to night and the only thing I want to and actually can do in the evenings is sitting back in my sheepskin covered chair and relax.

Still so many jewelry orders need to be shipped for Christmas and time is running like crazy...

I have always loved sheepskins.

We have a few from our local organic farm and also some long haired grey ones I brought home from the north coast of Germany.

Long before they got stylish.

Nowadays I can look into my Pinterest boards and for sure there are some pictures with a sheepskin on a chair, bed or floor.

Did you noticed that trend, too?

Not everybody feels comfortable with animal fur. And I can totally understand and respect that.

And of course, I am absolutely against fur farming. NO QUESTION!!!

But sheep are foremost raised for milk and meat - at least here in Germany.

It's always a good idea to know, where things you buy and use are coming from, so you don't end up with unethical products.

I am aware, that even at our local organic farm they won't pet their animals to death but I also now, that they are treated as respectful as possible.

In buying the sheepskin I feel like I can honor the animals amazing beauty and natural perfection and I am deeply thankful for the warmth and comfort it provides every single day.

I feel, humans won't stop eating animals but at least I can honestly love what they leave for us.

Does that make sense to you?

Another thought: After the war, in the fifties and sixties, many people in Germany raised rabbits for food in their backyards.

Nowadays it's trending again, because people do not want to support the cruel inhumanely meat industry and the bad quality of their products.

I recently met someone who raises rabbits just for his own family but he told me, that it is so sad, that nobody wants the beautiful rabbit fur anymore and that it often gets thrown away.

Well - I would love to hear YOUR thoughts on this topic! 

Sheepskin photographed by lebenslustiger.com, Schaffell

Meanwhile I like to share some of my favorite Etsy shops who work with natural fibers:

Inner Wild - wonderful knits

Linen for the bathroom - from Lithuania

Beautiful linen throws - from another Lithuanian shop

Big knits - un-dyed

My favorite shop from Poland

Happy Day,


How I Became An Interior Dealer - Loving HK Living

18 11 2013

By searching for interior additions to our new space 

I feel in love with Dutch company HKliving!

( I also asked you for your secret tips here and thanks so much for responding via comments and e-mails!!!

I discovered quite a few new treasures!)   

This round hanging chair looks amazing, don't you think?

I also like their unique lighting, textiles and accessories.

They really put a creative and "different" spin on their collection.

If you like, you can see their new catalogue here

HKliving HKliving

HKliving HKliving

But when I tried to find a dealer here in Germany to order from I found out, that there are only a few who carry HKliving products

and of those few none would carry the specific items I wanted...

So I contacted them directly in the Netherlands and they offered me to become a dealer myself!

Let me know, if you are interested in their products and I can send you the price-list.

More inspirations I found last week:

Also a beautiful (online) store based in the UK: White Punch

And another UK based business! Would you actually put a wallpaper on to create an old and worn look? I think it looks amazing on the picture but how will it look in real?

I want one!!! Genius idea!!!

Just so cozy... and I love their philosophy.

More absolutely beautiful stuff from France

Ok Ok - I HAVE to stop...

Happy Day,